Day 314: Jenny Willigrod

My artwork has been labeled “Southwest Whimsical” as I love bright, bold colors and my subjects are images from scenes of the Southwest and Mexico.   In this area of the world, the land can be harsh and the desert can be a muted pallet of browns and grays.  It never fails that amidst all of the dullness, a bright spot of color exists.  I am inspired by these bursts of colors in our landscapes such as in the brilliance of a bright pink cactus blossom or a shimmering adobe wall under the desert sky.

All of my pieces are created with chalk pastels on black paper. Pastels are a great medium for my work for they allow me to achieve the bright and bold colors I desire.  Pastels are created with a simple combination of pigment and binder, so their colors remain brilliant and can last long after oil paintings begin to crack and fade.

For me, my artwork evokes fond memories of days gone by; a time when life was just more simple and carefree. For each piece I create, I know it is completed when I smile at the end.

Currently my work can be seen at On The Edge Gallery in Scottsdale, the Fountain Hills Artists’ Gallery, Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery in Prescott, and AZ and Dragonfly Local Art in Cottonwood, AZ. You can view my works at or check out my facebook page, Jenny Willigrod, Artist.

Facebook Page: Jenny Willigrod artist

Mi Casa es Su Casa
Mi Casa es Su Casa
Wishing Upon A Star
Wishing Upon a Star!
Pear Cactus in Purple 34 x 42 OTE
Pear Cactus in Purple
Waiting for a Ride 1
Waiting for a Ride
Sunflower in green (1)
Sunflower in Green

Day 313: Gale Thommsen

Designs by Gale
Southwest Style Jewelry
Gale Thomssen

Gale’s areas of expertise include handcrafted Southwestern style custom made jewelry. She is a Tucson based jewelry artist who joined a group of other dedicated artists as she opened her Studio in Cactus Wren Artisan 2740 S Kinney Rd, in Tucson Arizona where she works with copper, stones, fossils, beads and other ingredients. She enjoys teaching jewelry classes in her studio. Gale has exhibited in Art Shows throughout Arizona and Nevada, including the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance events. Gale has been honored by receiving the Worldwide Who’s Who, 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year representing the Jewelry Design Industry and received the National Association of Professional Women’s VIP Woman of the Year 2014.

Over her 45 year professional career, Gale worked in health education bringing the WiseWoman Wellness Program to Nevada. She managed AmeriCorps and VISTA programs in both Nevada and Arizona and served as the Wellness Program Coordinator with the Nevada Stats Health Division. Gale co-owns Cactus Wren Artisans, LLC. Cactus Wren Artisans has over 65 local and Arizona artists.



Thomssen-Gale - Sunrise in the Southwest - 72 (1)
Sunrise in the Southwest
Apache princess
Apache Princess
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer
Fantasy Cuff
Fantasy Cuff

Day 312: Cat Ward


Cat Ward started drawing and painting from a very young age. Her grandmother was an artist and instructed her on basic painting and drawing concepts and techniques.

Later in life, Cat took drawing and painting classes in college to further develop her skills. After many years of practice, and artistic as well as personal development, she found her passion for drawing and painting wildlife.

Today, Cat is a world traveler and scuba diver. She finds her inspiration through her adventures and love of animals. She enjoys teaching others the therapeutic qualities of art by hosting private and public painting parties. Her art has been displayed in the Schemer Art Museum and The Art Fashion Show of 2016. Cat is now working on her Art Education degree.

Cat Ward hopes that through her teachings and her art, she will help others to appreciate and protect the wildlife of our planet.


My email is:
My gallery can be seen via my FB page: Cat Ward Artistry
Fleeting Chance (3)
Fleeting Chance
Lion Heart Print
Lion Heart
Octopus Print
Shark print
Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye

Day 311: Suzi Black

Artist’s Statement

“I am really excited by great brushstrokes,  vibrant color and composition that just clicks. I’ve spent years doing painterly Southwest landscapes, but right now I’m hooked on the human form and I am especially interested in painting women whose figures break up my composition in an interesting way. Besides my compositional motivations,  I truly enjoy the challenge of finding the soul of the subject and expressing it through posture, attitude and a certain mystical/ magical “ I don’t know how it happens” something that comes through the eyes. It’s as if I am creating a world of friends and my own babies all the same time.     I love it!”

Facebook is under Suzie Israel Black.
Instagram: Suzanniebl

So Happy to Make Your Acquaintance!
Hot Desert Wind
Ah, Those Rockets of Desire!
Not So Fast, Buster!
Laura..With the Gleam in Her Eye


Day 310: Kimberly Williams

Artist Bio
My name is Kimberly Williams. Let me tell you a story…..I am a freelance Illustrator based out of Mesa Arizona. Art has always been a way for me to enhance a story and give it life. I do not have an extensive background that includes years of art school (only the cliched ‘short stint’), but I can turn anything into a story or an adventure you want to stick around for. My art background goes back to middle school where I discovered comic books and a world of possibilities. Turning the pages of each carefully drawn comic, my friend and I would marvel at the detailed line work and carefully placed ink and colors that opened the door to our imaginations. I was obsessed. I doodled on everything. Nothing was safe in my hands-because literally, when you got it back, it was covered in doodles.

I dabbled in amateur comic strips. My friend and I came up with scenarios and I would draw them out. Every week we had a new comic. At the end of my amateur comic strip phase, I would discard those comic strips in the trash and move onto the next obsession. Imagine my surprise when reconnecting with that old friend, finding out she went behind me and collected those discarded comics and kept them. Looking back at my old art I was amazed to see how much my skills have improved. From comic strips I moved onto painting with acrylics. And then pastels. Markers and colored pencils. Charcoal. Digital media. I have worked my way through most mediums and all self taught. I did not have the best materials to start out with, but when you are passionate about making art, you can transform those materials into magic tools.
My art expands to published children’s books, coloring books on Amazon, art prints and stickers, storyboards for film students, private commissions, tattoo designs, designs for other artists and an array of other exciting projects coming up. My works are easily detectable by the rich saturation of color, my signature expression, and attention to detail. I know I’ve done my job as an artist when people walk past my art and do a double take or walk back to take it all in. I want to paint you a picture. I want to
tell you a story. Let me tell you a story…..
You can find me on Instagram: kiwimomma31

Winter Orbs
Sombrero, Dia De Los Muerto Collection, Mixed Media
Graveyard Moon, Mixed Media

Day 309: Mickey Chaney

My name is Mickey Chaney Jr. and I am the artist behind Gearhead Automotive Artwork. I was born and raised here in Arizona and have always had a love for the Automobile. I grew up around Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and lifted trucks so I guess it was just inevitable. I have been building and promoting Gearhead Automotive Artwork for about a year now, but I have a pretty long history of working on a semi-professional level. I initially started Spooky Kid Designs, which was another Automotive Art-centered project, but that fell through when the car market collapsed, so I shifted my focus over to the comic book world. That went well for a few years and I evolved my style away from comic-styled works to portraits. I did, however, grow bored with that scene as it wasn’t where my true interests were seeded. I decided to walk away from that and re-establish myself as an automotive artist. So, everything has come full circle now.
While I have no formal art training I do consider myself pretty well-rounded in styles and mediums, but am also open-minded and willing to try new techniques and tools. I do predominately use Graphite and Colored Pencils for my work because they allow me to get the most detail. However, I will also work in Oils, Acrylics, and Watercolor paints, Markers, and Inks. I am currently learning how to pinstripe with Enamel paints as that has always piqued my interests and it’s an older form of art that needs to be kept alive. Also, a majority of my work is sized at 11″x17″ paper as it tends to be the most popular size, but I can go as large as 18″x24″ on paper and as large as 48″x60″ on Canvas.
I do take commission orders and have an array of pieces already completed available for purchase. I tend to keep my prices low as I want to reach more people. While it would be wonderful to be able to sell a piece for thousands of dollars, one of the things I really enjoy about this field is the stories you hear from people when they order a piece. It’s not just a car or truck to them. It’s the memories of that vehicle. You get a lot of insight when people bring up their first car, or the one their grandfather use to race. It reminds you that these aren’t just hunks of metal or tools used for transportation. These are vehicles that move our lives forward and carry more sentimental value than physical. So the more people I get to meet, the more stories I get to hear, the more I get to enjoy the work that I do.
People can see more of my work and contact me through;
Instagram @gearheadautoart
Yamaha R1M
Yamaha R1M Colored Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
1954 Mercedes W196 Silver Arrow
1954 Mercedes W196 Silver Arrow Graphite Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
Honda CBR900RR
Honda CBR900RR Graphite Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Colored Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
1970 VW Beetle AA FC Drag Car
1970 VW Beetle AA/FC Drag Car Graphite Pencil on 11″x17″ paper.

Day 308: Michele Batchelder

I was born in Namibia in 1958. Lived in Cape Town a and then Durban where I grew up and was educated. I did a three-year Art Course at Durban Commercial High School which I completed in 1976, majoring in ceramics and painting. I began painting at the age of 3 with the encouragement of my father and uncle who both saw potential in my early scribbles. At the age of 5, they bought me oils which I have loved since.
After leaving school I continued to paint, draw and had a pottery studio, where I taught and produced ceramics for the local art supply stores.
By 1990, my love for painting took over and I embarked on a Professional career as a full-time artist. Gratefully, it has been a very abundant and successful time, and my artworks grace the walls of many private homes worldwide, and boardrooms, foyers, and lodges countrywide.
In 3007 I moved ‘home’, back to the west coast. I love the big skies, the sunsets, and the stark landscape. Love the Cape. After 10 years in Cape Town I was offered an opportunity I could not refuse and relocated to Great Brak River on the Garden Route where I have a studio, signature gallery and give workshops. I have called this piece of peace THE ART FARM “where art and artists grow” and can accommodate artists on retreats and offer relaxing peaceful space to chill and ponder as well as use of a beautiful studio if they desire to paint.
For the past 15 years, I have taken part in many exhibitions such as Homemakers expo and Decorex which have been very successful for me.
I joined the council of SASA (South African Society or Artists) in 2015 as Exhibition Co-Ordinator, which I loved, and which I, unfortunately, had to give up when relocating to Great Brak River.
I am very fortunate to be represented by several galleries, for which I am very grateful.
I am inspired by many things… things I see, touch, feel, and hear. When traveling through this vast country of such beauty, it never ceases to amaze me how varied the landscape and people are. The images I get in my mind eye translates the feelings that music creates for me. I love textures and create texture to mimic the feeling of, for example, leather, rock, or sand. And.. of course… people… Such colorful creatures! The different cultures and their different beliefs are always an inspiration!
I pour my heart and soul onto each canvas.
On Instagram  mbatchelder_africanartist
‘Desperados ‘
2′ x 2′
Mixed media on board
‘The 4th’
2′ x 2′ 
Mixed media on board
‘The heat’
2′ x 4′
Mixed media on board 
‘Saguaro landscape’
2′ x 4′ 
Mixed media on board