Day 100: Malena Barnhart

Artist Statement

From the time we are children, everything we consume reinforces what is expected of us and what we can expect from the world. Women are not a statistical minority, yet we are marginalized.

The process of enculturation maintains and perpetuates gender norms. Children spend their time learning the rules and expectations of the culture they are born into. They observe their surroundings to gain information about their place. Increasingly, this process occurs via forms of mass media including television, consumer products, and the Internet.

This learning process continues into adulthood. We learn our culture from the things we consume, regardless of whether one is consuming princess toys, video games, or Pinterest wedding boards.

I take cultural materials and repurpose them. I create videos, installations and 2-D works from mass culture detritus including YouTube videos, children’s stickers, and teen posters. In reconfiguring these materials and creating new forms, I question their purpose and subvert the intended messaging.

Instagram: @malenabarnhart

Um No
USuck detail
Lame Party
Christmas Hauls

Day 99: Mary Vaneecke

 Desconocidos is part of the Migrant Quilt Project, and will travel with nine other quilts around the country, including to the New England Quilt Museum and the International Quilt Study Museum in Nebraska.
(White) Silence is Violence will debut at the Studio Art Quilt Associates’ Loaded Conversations exhibition this spring at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  The slogan is borrowed from the Black Lives Matter movement and asks white people to consider their complacency about the killing of unarmed black men and boys by police.
My latest work, Yes, I have been Mending is inspired by the visible mending movement and Hazel Hall’s poem, Mending. It ends, Yes, I have been mending… but also, I have been enacting a little travesty on life.
Yes I have Been Mending III.
Silence is Violence




Day 98: Jeannette Molina

We are small pet art company based in Chandler. My art partner, Julie, and I make all of the products by hand.
We create:
Special Effect Canvas Art
Caricature Canvas Art
Wanted Poster Canvas Art
Caricature Wine Glasses, Coffee Mugs, Pint Glasses & Tote Bags
All items are 100% customized art of your pet!
Instagram:  JCreationsPetArt
Popeye Canvas





Day 97: Nichole Kluth

Artist Statement

I am compelled to paint.  It is a passion that stirs from my core, so much so even when I sleep, I am dreaming about a painting and the subject matter, before I even touch the canvas.  On the surface, my paintings resound with a direct message of empowerment.  Beginning with marks made on the canvas, lines and shapes create the framework of each painting followed by intentional layers of textures, pattern, and vibrant color. The depth of the message increases and intensifies as I capture the image with impulsive brushstrokes, followed by a final layer of delicate refinement. With every piece I create, I watch my life unfold on the canvas.  Every part of my process is woven into a facet of my life.  Although my art is very personal, my collectors find it very universal. These brushstrokes leave imprints on the lives of all those who choose to receive them.

Facebook: @NicholeKluthArt
Instagram: @NicholeKluthArt

40x30 Glory Rising

36x24 Incorruptible
30x24 MoreThanAConqueror
More than a Conqueror
30x24 Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

Day 96: Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson is a graduate student at the University of Arizona, with a focus in printmaking. His art looks at the Americana and Kitsch images that create our American Identity. Thoughts of nostalgia and collecting are the foundational ideas that invite viewers to relate to his work. Originally from Illinois, Wilson came to Arizona to explore the American West in its symbols and icon status. He has shown work at the Lionel Rombach Gallery, the Tucson Desert Art Museum, and co-curated “The Myth and the Mirror: Artwork of the American West” at the University of Arizona Museum of Art with photographer Dustin Shores.



Instagram: ericwilsonson

America’s Favorite Cowboy, Lithograph
“Sonoran Desertscape #1”, Lithograph
Don’t Get M.A.D. Get Even” Lithograph
The Great Divide
American Progress







Day 94: Sandy Faddis

I am a life long resident of Tempe. A widow. I have my BFA in art-oil painting from ASU. I jump around from drawing to painting to watercolor to mosaic to misc. fiber arts. Most of my work is usually a response to women’s issues, women’s history. I often sit in my garden and wonder if it sits on top of an ancient woman’s garden. Is my kitchen on top of hers? Was she in love? I come from generations of women who worked at jobs and owned businesses decades before it was socially acceptable. Watching what my mom went through because of it has impacted how I feel about the world around me, society and the government.

Sex Magick and the Crimson Shoes number 2


No Rest for the Weary
Secrets and Lies