Day 361: Stephen Michael Barnes

Stephen Michael Barnes has worked in studio painting, drawing, watercolors and a variety of other media during the course of his career. He also has been a web designer, webmaster, and online business strategist for over two decades. He studied studio painting at the University of Arizona, but as to his proficiency in computer graphics, Photoshop, video production and audio creation – that was all self taught. An autodidact by nature, and preference, Stephen delves into whatever technologies or knowledge that will aid in the successful creation of the projects of his imagination. The making of paintings is his preference.

He, along with Abigail Rothberg, operated a visual design studio “LaSilencia ARTS” during the period from 2003-2007. The studio produced a print zine as well, “La Silencia.” This was Stephen’s second zine, following the earlier “Red Dog Journal” produced in the late 1990’s. It was one of the earliest online zines, first published online through a gopher server, then later as a website. The Red Dog Journal was also produced in a printed version.

Stephen has participated in numerous artistic projects, including the annual Phoenix Art Detours, and volunteer teaching at various Arizona community centers. His paintings have also been included in numerous group exhibitions.

In 2016, he published a graphic novel “Pilgrim.” The (very) semi-autobiographical graphic novel came about through a practice of daily sketching. “Pilgrim” is available at and

Artist’s Statement, 2017:

A painting exists on several levels simultaneously. This is an alchemical transformation, a trans-substantiation.

My artmaking is a blend of traditional and digital methods and media. My recent paintings are the summation of a creation process that can involve many steps. Sometimes I begin directly on the canvas, at other times I work with photographs, drawings, watercolors or other preexisting imagery that in one way or another has prompted some kind of response or connection in me as preparation of the next step of creating the object painting. My process then can include digital creation or altering of my photographs, paintings, and drawings, the use of chance and synchronicity, or simply direct painting – whatever the steps may be to coalesce the pieces of my imagery into a harmonious whole. I think of the final work as a “meaningful object”.

Useful Quote:

“Some day, if we’re lucky (or simply humble), we will realize our true nature (even if we do not understand it), and having found the pearl, we can then tie our shoelaces, comb our hair, and get to work. Don’t worry, it will all happen as it will, and anyway Damascus will always be there for you.”
– From “Pilgrim” graphic novel.

August 8, 2018

Women Dancing
Jesus 1929
Dangerous Experiments
jones-beach (1)
Jones Beach
Abigail Sleeping



Day 360: Justin Lucero

Justin Lucero Multimedia Artist

Being born on December 1983 gave Justin a lot of outlets to love and admire during the 80’s to 90’s. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Silver Hawk cartoons, to Terminator and Alien films then to later X-men and Spawn comic books. But it wasn’t just the final works he saw on television or what had gone to print was what peeked his interest into doing what he does now, it was the knowledge and fascination of knowing how all of those wondrous works of art were made.

 “ My favorite times were being able to be by myself creating something on paper that wasn’t there and then showing it to my mom or to whomever really wanted to see it and wait for their reaction. I was I guess you could say that indoor kid that was always experimenting with what he could make or create next. “ 

Like a young mad scientist he would later try and learn every medium he could when it came to the arts. Going from painting with acrylics, oils , then to drawing with pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pen and ink. 

“ I picked up the airbrush in middle school and I would paint skateboards for friends and make some cash selling boards and t-shirts out of my room. I even took calligraphy classes after regular school hours just to learn the art of lettering. Yeah, I’m nuts. ”

 Some time in junior high school he would pick up the guitar and teach himself how to sing and play. Later on Justin would venture into college to learn film and video production. 

“ I guess you could say I studied art all my life really without realizing that’s what I was doing. It was just always something I loved and I wanted to know more of what I could do with it. Not to mention, It was also a great escape from my own insecurities. When it came to me going to college I had realized I basically just watched as computers had already become the future of art so I came into the digital world pretty late when I went to learn all this crap on computers. But when I started doing art digitally it really became like a second nature once I finally figured out all the damn buttons of course. ”

During his schooling he would land some jobs with a few marketing and branding agencies it would be there he’d learn a series of newly found skillsets creating short videos for clientele utilizing , videography skills, editing and 2d/3d animation.

“ The college I went to had basic animation skills I had to really learn 2d and 3d animation myself through watching tutorial videos on Youtube.”

“ It’s funny looking back at some of the 80’s sci-fi and horror films I began seeing something about high contrast lighting and how objects coming out of darkness that just always seemed to get my attention in such a way that most of my work that I’ve done all the way from when I was a kid to even today deals in this type of lighting. “

Today Justin , does graphics and videos for local heavy metal bands, hip hop artists and local entrepreneurs that want to get their works and ideas through out the valley. He’s also currently working on a scifi/horror film project of his own titled “ Falling Stars “ which he has illustrated well over 200 storyboards and concept art for.

“ Imagery is powerful. It can make you laugh, make you cry, it can even inspire you. I’m hoping with Falling Stars I’m able to do all of that. I started this project a very long time ago I work on it every chance I get when I’m not working on someone else’s project so this is definitely going to be my lifes work. I just hope I’m not dead when it actually comes to life.“


Justin Lucero Website –

 FallingStars –

Aztec Eagle –

Fatal Malady –

Burn Music video –

MADSIGNTIST Music video –

The Aztec Eagle
Mad Signtist
FM Art
Falling Stars Panel


Day 359: Rafiq Majeed

Art is my life. I love all fields of visual art. Throughout my life I have
learned and practiced multiple types of art. I have a high education in
art and I am still learning a lot every day. I am a painter, this is the art
from which I started. People and human relations are the focus of my
paintings. I try to capture a moment frozen in time. My images come
together to tell a story about what happened before and after this
captured moment. Maybe it was my work in the field of photography
that influenced my work in this way.
I moved to the United States in 2013 and began learning ceramics and
fused glass art. I try to mix painting with ceramics, but I do not lose the
ceramic art as a stand-alone art. So I create traditional shapes and
sometimes add some touches and changes to them. I enrich the
surfaces and add another layer of meaning by drawing and painting on
Working with clay is part of my cultural history. I am from Iraq where
the potter’s wheel was first used in the ancient Sumerian civilization.
The ancient cultures said, “God created humans from clay.” So it was
one of my dreams to do something of clay.

Rafiq Majeed,Captives,Acrylic on Canvas,2015,$850
Rafiq Majeed, Circus.Acrylic on Canvas,2016.$1200
play on the pitcher 1
Play on the Pitcher 1


rise to sky 1
Rise to Sky 1
Rafiq Majeed,Dance of God,Acrylic on Canvas,2015,$700
Dance of God


Day 358: Valentin Kashtelyan

Most of my professional life I worked as medical doctor, treating patients and teaching students. I started drawing when I was at medical school and I think that I was quite successful- one of my first albums was immediately stolen. I resumed drawing several years ago, but the trigger for this was twelve years ago when in my dream I saw a beautiful sunrise in the mountains…Plus, approval of my way in art by Lou Maestas, one of the greatest artists in US, whom I am admiring. Plus, I would like to say words of thankfulness to my teachers Christina MacNearney and Matthias Duwel. I have graduated from courses of drawing and oil painting at Pima Community College. My interests are in oil, acrylics, pencils, charcoal. I am trying at this time broad spectrum in painting, including portraits, landscapes, figurative art, and surrealistic topics.





Day 357: Christopher Scott

“O great creator of being, grant us one more hour to, perform our art, and perfect our lives.” – Jim Morrison
Chris Scott is an award-winning Phoenix based artist working primarily in charcoal and oils. He started painting in 2008 and is mostly self taught aside from a few workshops taken at Matt Dickson’s atelier in Tempe and the Scottsdale Artists’ School in Scottsdale.
He tries to dedicate as much free time as possible to increasing his ability as a draftsman and painter.
When not painting or drawing in his studio, Chris can be found at the various open studios around Phoenix.
commissions/inquiries – or
Pointer in a Field
Elderly Man with BandaidWeb
Elderly Man with Bandaid
Last Caress


Day 356: Anna Bronwyn Murphy

I am a self taught artist hailing from vibrant downtown Tucson, Arizona. I prefer to depict strong female protagonists in noir-like dystopian universes. My femmes fatale will oftentimes be in the true position of power that has been denied them in a historical context: the daredevil dame taking a shot at the apple on her fella’s head, in “Our William Tell Act”, (turning the accidental shooting of Joan Vollmer, William S. Burrough’s wife, on its ear); the depiction of “Eve” (with reference to photos of Billie Holiday) as a provocative and unapologetic social martyr, with a fig-canopy halo; an empowered “tattooed lady” Romani sideshow performer from the 1930s, who embraced her lifelong differences (heterochromia) and became embellished to further set herself apart, in “Curio”; the tough as nails, tattooed punk with a cigarette butt halo, who bears a black eye from a penchant for getting into barroom brawls in “Barroom Martyr”. These women gaze confidently and are not driven to extremes out of desperation but by their own will. In my works, women will experience hard knocks but they are sure to knock back harder.

After briefly living in Italy and viewing so many masterpieces, I resolved to teach myself to paint in oils in an attempt to articulate some of the awesome depth of expression I imbibed there. I am currently happily painting pet portraits as a fun exploration of oil painting techniques.

instagram- @annabronwyn

Barroom Martyr
Catrina Pinup
pet portrait
Pet Portrait
Our William Tell Act

Day 354: Donna Ceraulo

Artist’s Statement

Donna Ceraulo has had a life-long passion for art. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, her first introduction to painting was in High School in Phoenix, Arizona in 1977 where she developed an intense love of the Impressionists.  Today she enjoys creating portraits and landscapes in an abstract, impressionistic or expressionistic way. She often uses vintage photography as inspiration for her work and utilizes Pinterest extensively to study past and present works of art and to categorize reference material for future artworks. She primarily creates her artwork with acrylic paints, collage and texture mediums but also works in oils, cold wax and watercolor.

Donna began selling her artwork in 2017 after creating her own art studio in her home in Phoenix, a space devoted to art and light. She will be a featured artist at 9 The Gallery in Phoenix in February 2019 with her series Trapped in the Past. Donna believes in the self-healing and nurturing benefits of a creative life. “ART enables us to FIND ourselves and LOSE ourselves at the same time.” (Thomas Merton)

lady hastings_donna ceraulo
Lady Hastings
cascaded color_donna ceraulo
Cascaded Color
winter respite_donna ceraulo
Winter Respite
trapped in the past_donna ceraulo
Trapped in the Past

Day 353: Sue Armbrust

My life in the creative world came late in life which has not dampened my desire to create, experiment and challenge my self every day.  It took some time to truly find the avenue that would truly bring me joy.  I found that going back to my childhood joy of making Mudd pies was only the beginning of a new found love that would allow me to rediscover myself. Feeling the clay in my hands and bringing it to life is indescribable.
I most enjoy sculpting animals and creating totems of lifes scenery.  I love the challenge of combining clay with glass, or mosaics for a mixed media.
The greatest reward for me is that whatever I create will bring a little sunshine and joy to its owner.

Sue Armbrust

Mudd Pie Creations

Day 352: Lora Harvey

Lora Harvey

“All who are gifted artisans among you shall come and make all that the Lord has commanded:”

Exodus 35:10 (NKJV)

After being told in middle school that “art just may not be for you”, Lora set art aside and believed it to be true. However, she always found a way to incorporate art as much as possible in her everyday life, including chosen career fields.

In June 2017, Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer and life as she knew it ceased to exist. An outlet was needed to express her emotions and trauma, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint the healthiest and most productive route.

Lora began attending Impact Church in Scottsdale, AZ on Easter Sunday 2018. Not long afterward, Pastor Travis spoke on the Parable of the Talents. He invited members to take $20 from the church and return after six weeks to give back the $20 plus whatever additional money was earned. Lora seized the opportunity and tried her hand at art again ~ after 28 long years! Thus, H_Originals was created.

Throughout Lora’s art journey she has felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and felt God lay things on her heart that have manifested in her work. She knows her calling is to be an artist for the glory of God and to help grow His kingdom.

Lora has two children: Carter, 23 and Kacie, 18. She loves spending time with them, reading and, of course, making art!

IG: loraann9600
in the beginning
In the Beginning
from down below
From Down Below