Day 285: Leah Kiser

As the daughter of a veterinarian, and former kennel care taker, I gained an early appreciation for the personality of animals.  Like them, I was not great with words, and I liked the idea that we could communicate and get to know one another well, possibly even better, without them.  This might be why animals tend do be at the center of my work.

Also early in life, I found life drawing.  It was another way to get to know the world without words. I still enjoy the challenge of observing the lines, colors, and values that give objects character.  Drawing them accurately requires me to let go of all my preconceived notions about them.  To do them justice, I must relinquish control.  I get lost in the form while I draw and paint, then step back to look, and realize that I am not lost at all – I am on the right track, I am truly recording what I see before me.  This is why I draw and paint – because I find it to be a wonderful way to connect with truth.

So, it may seem strange that the subjects of my paintings are fictional.  The reason for that is a bit of a story.  A few years ago, I illustrated a children’s book that my brother wrote.  It was a fun and challenging exercise to combine my drawing experience with imagined ideas.  I really enjoyed the process, and when I finished the book, I decided to keep going. I also wanted to try oil painting and make artwork in a larger scale.  At the time, my daughter was playing with dinosaur toys and put a barbie tutu on one of them.  The idea made me laugh, and the dinosaur and tutu were visually compelling to me, so I decided to use that as a starting place.  I painted a whole series of dinosaurs in dresses, and I still paint them from time to time.  I’ve since moved onto octopi and will keep changing subjects as I go.  I use toys, photographs and actual objects as models, and I’m getting better and better at bringing them all together in a believable way.  Although, I’m not trying to trick people into believing that they are real – it is obvious that they are not.  The result I’m going for is more of a deadpan comedy – there is seriousness in the way that I paint, but there is humor in what is actually depicted in the painting.  It is a combination that I really enjoy.  I hope that others enjoy it too.

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Day 284: Neola Bye-Beza


My great  love is creating wonderful wearable art in the style of bead embroidery and weaving on looms. I find inspiration in both the Native American history and the beauty of the land in the SE Arizona desert where I live.  An abundance of rock hounds  provides me with OOAK  stones to use in creating my bold line of  jewelry which I I consider “not for the faint of heart.”  Hence the name “Gaudy by Neola.”
Periodically I  teach in my home as well as at local collages and I work to support local artists in many ways.  I am pleased to be a member of both the Casa Grande Art Association and the Artists of The Superstitions.   Check out my gallery on FB at GaudybyNeola or come see my in the fall at one of our studio tour shows.    And always WEAR SOME ART.
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Kismet Danton verticle
Butterfly Danton verticle

Day 283: Zinnia Sky Studio (Tracy Foltz)

Located in the amazing and beautiful desert on the western edge of Tucson, AZ, I am a transplanted Midwesterner totally and deeply in love with the Sonoran desert.  I have always created art but my husband and I restructured our lives so that art can now create our lives.  I love fun, bright, happy, whimsical things and I believe my desert subjects benefit from my interpretation of them.  I work primarily in watercolor but in vivid saturation perfectly complemented by black ink to further release the colors.

I am also a hopelessly addicted gardener so along with giraffes, lizards and birds of all sorts, you will find an abundance of green things regardless of where they like to plant their roots, whether it be the desert or that fertile black dirt from where I originated.

I love sharing my art with anyone looking for a smile to brighten a corner of their world.



Instagram:     @ZinniaSkyStudio

prickly pear yellow flowers
Prickly Pear Yellow Flowers
ocotillo quail 1
Ocotillo Quail 1
desert flowers 1
Desert Flowers


bicycle lizard driving
Bicycle Lizard Driving


succulent medley (1)
Succlent Medley

Day 282: Element Cottage (Susan and Stefan Rice)

Element Cottage offers simple style combined with organic lines and natural elements… all made by our hands. Our jewelry complements a lifestyle of ease and simplicity, with pieces designed for women and men who appreciate clean contemporary style, but with a soft side.

As a small jewelry studio, we strive to bring you quality materials and timeless designs that will last a lifetime. Recently my son, Stefan joined Element Cottage and as an artist, he brings a creative, yet meticulous skill set to the bench. From sawing, filing, and hammering to wax carving and hand casting, our collections are crafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques, including lost wax for our 3-dimensional pieces.

You can find us online and in the Grotto Gallery, downtown Tempe.



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Day 281: Dale O’Dell

Dale O’Dell is a photographer, cinematographer & digital artist who has been working professionally since 1979.  “Over the years I’ve worked in about every style there is including documentary photography, commercial industrial photography, advertising, surrealism, abstract-expressionism and impressionism.  I was an early adopter of digital technology for image-making and created the very first wholly computer generated still image ever published in advertising in 1983.  For now, things have come full-circle and I’m working on documentary photography project to preserve ancient Indian rock art in North America.  I’ve even begun a GoFundMe campaign to travel to the most endangered sites in America to document 2000 year-old petroglyphs and pictographs before the sites are made inaccessible by deregulated mining and natural gas extraction.” Mile Canyon the Hunt Panel


Sego Canyon Panel_Color

ART_Sego Canyon Pictograph

ART_Sego Canyon Pictograph_2

Day 280: Josephine Thomason

Artist Statement  – Josephine Thomason

Life is an opportunity for creation, therefore I work in many mediums.  The paintings I am showing here are watercolor, acrylic, and encaustic (beeswax) paint.

I spend a lot of time in the shamanic journey for my work and my art is often an attempt to capture some of what I see in the energetic realms.  My art is a call and response with spirit and is a vehicle for communicating, understanding, and honoring what comes through.

 I live in Tucson Az with my family of one husband, two children, two dogs, two cats, five chickens, and thousands of plants.  I work providing energetic, and physical healing, as well as astrology readings, and teaching at the Harmony Hut.

If you would like to support me in my work feel free to become a patron

“The Spirits of the Four Directions Breath Life into the Heart of Forgiveness” 
Encaustic (bee’s wax) on wood
“The Cosmic Cat”
  Encaustic (bee’s wax) on wood
​ “Green Tara”
Watercolor on paper ​
“The Cosmos Reflected in the Leaves of Sacred Datura”
Watercolor on paper. ​
“Reunion Canyon”
Acrylic on Canvas

Day 279: Keith Lynard

As an artist and creator, I like a variety of mediums and categories of art. I really enjoy exploring and creating many things. So you may see some K.U.T. pop art style pieces, graffiti, political pieces, and some abstracts. I also enjoy photography so those are in my collections as well. I’m currently planning for my second solo art show. This show will be a rebirth of a fresh new start and collection of art that will become my signature from that point forward. Right now I’m submitting my short documentary to film festivals. It’s titled “The Stolen Art Show Documentary” based on my 1st solo art show. Film would be my other form of art as I do consider myself a filmmaker of sorts and use the medium as art.

Instagram: k_u_t_productionz

dscn2694 (1)
Joker Did It

20150330_073338 (1)

dsc09922 (1)


Write Universe
Peace Patrol