Day 248: Hannah Leonard

Ever since I was little, I remember loving art.

I was the toddler that colored the walls,

the kid that sketched on lawn chairs,

a teenager that doodles on napkins.

When I was a kid my dad had painted a wall in the corner of our playroom with paint so that it would be like a chalkboard. We played games on it and doodled on it in different colors quite often. I remember coming home from school one day to this massive landscape covering almost the whole thing. Reds, oranges, browns, yellows… A sunset over mountains with various plants and cacti dotting the horizon. My dad had created something beautiful & I was in such awe. I wanted to create pretty pictures like my dad did.

The older I got the more I fell in love with art. All forms of art from music, to theatre, to photography, to writing, to painting… It all just overwhelms me in the most wonderful way.

I draw closer to my Saviour and Creator through these various forms of art… of worship.

Our wonderful God created the universe, the earth, me and you.

He created us in HIS IMAGE.

God’s an artist, & so are we.

As I continue to strive and thrive in this area, feel free to follow my journey. I have been taking various classes at Milan Art Institute in Queen Creek, picking up tips and tricks from some amazing artist friends, and spending 6-8 hours a week in my own little studio at home.

Check out my Instagram at & like my Facebook page “Hannah Leonard Art”.

I have pieces posted for sale on both of these profiles and can work with you regarding prints, commissions, etc…

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Peaceful Yearning, Oil on canvas, 16X12



Pushing Onward, Mixed Media, 20X16 canvas



Blind Faith, Mixed Media, 14X11




Painting at home studio



Painting at Milan Institute in Queen Creek


Day 247: Tianne Pitz

My earliest memory of writing was age 6. I wrote a letter to my imaginary friend, I guess I thought that talking to them would not work. My life experiences and multiple traumas led me to writing frequently and with great fervor. My life now is a stable balance and I am influenced not only by my life but by our people and the planet. Even though my writing can sway towards the melancholy, it is not devoid of light.

Presently, I have began to focus more of my energies into the positive and to be full of love and light. My hopes are that my prose and my art move someone to feel comfort, to feel uplifted, to feel inspired. I want to reach as many people as I can. I write poetry, prose, short stories, a blog and I create art. My art is based on nature and my surroundings. I am influenced by emotions, colors, sounds and touch. I love to handwrite my prose instead of typing, it makes is feel more organic to me.

I have released 3 Zines that are currently housed within the lovely walls of The Wasted Ink Zine Distro. I love to participate in intimate open mic venues and I have read my poetry on air with a local radio station. I am moving forward to broaden my horizons and take on more exciting adventures in writing to see where else it may lead. This experience has shown me that anything is possible if we begin to believe in ourselves and stay consistent. and

Instagram @tiannepitz -Lucky Ti

Starry Night
Photographic Prose Adventures


Loves Power

Day 246: Samantha Rezzetti

Samantha Rezzett

I was born in Kingman, a small town in Arizona, and I am currently 22 years old. I’m aspiring to start an online store soon and sell my work from home. In the last year I have completed a mural for my community, sold artwork at a local festival, and earned my Associates in Visual Communications. My biggest dream is to become a successful illustrator, particularly for fiction books and comics. Currently, I’d say I am in an experimental phase of my artistic journey, trying different media and finding my niche– my preferred media to use for now are watercolor, ink, pencil, and acrylic paint. My favorite things to depict in my work are typically depictions of human anatomy, characters, fantastical creatures, and portraiture.






Fictional Friends
Fictional Friends


Ink Dragon
Ink Dragon











Day 245: Lindsay Janet Roberts

I work in and many styles. In painting, I tend to be more impressionistic, learned from my grandmother who graduated at Pratt in 1925. Not usual for women in that era. In her graduation picture (which was taken with a very wide angled lens) she was sitting right next to Marc Chagall. He must have visited the graduation when he was in NY for his first show in the US.


The Teacher


The Squirrel


Yellow Jacket


Desert Janitor


Baby Sea Turtle







Day 244: Linda Star Landon

Linda Star Landon’s art expresses her sensitivity to the beauty in her surroundings and her passion for color and texture.  She enjoys using a palette knife to create dramatic textures in her oil paintings.  Linda has won several awards for her colorful paintings of Southern Arizona subjects.


Facebook @LindaStarLandonFineArt

Instagram:  @LindaStarLandon


Wild Sonoran Poppies 750px72dpi WBST
Wild Sonoran Poppies



Desert Melody 750px72dpi 4Wbst
Desert Melody


Sunglow 9x12 Wbst


Yellow Umbrella 4Wbst
Yellow Umbrella





Day 243: Estevan Martinez

Estevan “Steve-O” Martinez

There is a natural darkness within everyone. I’ve seen it first hand and attempt to expose it in the subjects of my artwork through use of chiaroscuro; a style in which I’ve spent the past 2 years perfecting and as of today, still am. However, my artwork hasn’t always been my main source of creative expression. For 9 years I was a classically trained violinist and as I moved through my high school years that passion died due to budget cuts and the removal of the orchestra program. I found myself searching for something to cling to creatively because so much of my identity was rooted in my love for the violin. The death of one passion was the birth of another, I picked up a pencil and began to explore art. My later high school years saw the development of my artwork and a dream of owning my own business centered around it.

            After graduating I spent much of my time developing my style, eventually ditching graphite and white paper to pick up charcoal pencils and toned black, tan and grey paper which gave my art greater realism, depth and ultimately leading to international recognition among small circles of interest concerning my subject matter which consists of pop culture and underground hip-hop. I started the Blind Liberty Art Kollective in 2013 with my good friend and graphic designing wizard Danielle Alvarado, where we provide services for logo designs, cover art for music albums, promotional artwork for businesses and sports teams, and fine art portrait commissions as well as art prints of my original work and apparel.

            I consider myself to be a portrait artist. Much of the work I do is on black paper with white charcoal pencil that creates a dramatic image and has managed to grab the attention of collectors throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. It wasn’t always easy, however, as with many artists I struggled with pricing my artwork until I was offered a generous amount of money for a piece I priced at 1/5th the offered amount which taught me the value of my own work. My work has also managed to grab the attention of legendary underground hip-hop DJ, Mr. Dibbs, and rappers Kristoff Krane and Grieves. I’ve been fortunate enough to create pieces for others to heal emotional wounds, give hope, immortalize a loved one and celebrate a furry friend. My “Nudes at Noon” series are nude pieces done based off photos sent to me through social media and by close friends which aims to promote body positivity and has helped many women learn to love and gain confidence in themselves. An honor that is beyond words.

I attribute my successes to the support of my close friends and loved ones. I’m inspired by the successes of best friends and fueled by the fear of failure. But ultimately, I create to be a creator, because that’s all I’ve ever known and all I’ve ever wanted to be.

To check out my work follow

@Blind_Liberty_Art_Kollective on Instagram and Facebook to purchase apparel and art prints for commissions

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