Day 292: Celeste Lawrence

An Arizona native, devoted volunteer in her community, steward of nature, women’s rights activist, and a mother of two, Ms. Lawernce pursued her dreams of becoming an artist despite major obstacles surrounding her career. In 2017, she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts at the age of 36 from Pima Community College.
passed loved ones
Passed Loved Ones



Day 291: Ryan Merrill

Hi World! My name is Ryan. I like to art! I have been creating things my whole life and even found a way to make a living doing it and teaching others as a Paintnite artist in Phoenix AZ, though to be honest we mostly just have a good time and try not to “learn” too much when we paint together! In 2009 -12 my wife and I lived overseas and got to be part of some very interesting Hungarian Deaf art and performance! When we returned to the states I found a craigslist gig that ultimately ended in 3 published graphic novels (Human Vol 1,2 and Trade Vol). That was a deep learning experience and maybe someday I will return to comics, but not just yet. For now I will keep working as a Paintnite instructor and making what I call “minis” which you can see on my instagram page.


Art is like Life, If you don’t like something about what you are making…then change it!
Mugshotpro on instagram and deviant art.
“Death Colossus”

Day 290:David Altamirano

Artist Statement

The inspiration behind my artwork is simple, “It’s more than a bunch of landscapes- it’s a relationship.”  Or rather it’s more of an appreciation for this relationship that is sustained through unconditional love, understanding and compromise.   Perhaps even more intriguing is that this relationship with my environment, which I cherish, has always been the driving force behind the development of who I am as a person.  We can all recognize that there are definite determining factors which play a huge role in shaping who we are; the dynamics of our family upbringing, our social political/religious/economic culture, belief systems, the schools we attended as a youth, the personal experiences we have etc… all of these things determine and build who we become and all of these fall under the umbrella of “our environment.”

While many people might say life is what you make of it and it doesn’t matter where you come from. This is true, but I say make your life whatever you want while never forgetting where you come from and the desert border town of Douglas Arizona is where I’m from and I’m proud, grateful even that I am able to share an appreciation for what I have here.  I have always found solace and peace while observing the desert sky and terrain, the plants and animals which surprise us all with their resilient ability to survive in this otherwise harsh environment.   Most gratifying however, is the deep connection to God and to what He has created for us to marvel at every day with every new angle of light and changing of color there is a renewed sense of wonder and beauty all around us all the time.

The land plays such a huge role in my personal life and in the development of my cultural awareness.  It continues to shape me, inspire me and nurture me just as every environment does for everyone else whether they recognize it or not.  We are a product of our environment and I have developed a grand appreciation and the need to share my interpretations of this beautiful land with others.  I come from here and I continue to explore the wonders of our surroundings through art.

Azteca Mountains
Black and BLue




Day 289: Amanda Garrison

My name is Amanda and I’m a first year master’s student with a concentration in Expressive Art Therapy. My favorite subjects are women of other cultures, primarily the first nations in the Americas. I’m moved by the little details we see on a daily basis, but sometimes don’t take the time to notice. My art is an expression of peace and humanity, and the similarities that bring us together.






Day 288: K-ta Buathier

Mother of 3 girls, Colombian Tattoo artist, piercer and crafter. I’ve been in the tattoo industry since 2004, started at my own shop in NYC as a Body piercer, did 2 years tattoo apprenticeship and I have been tattooing professionally over 12 years.
I closed the shop in NY and relocated in Arizona 6 years ago where I own AZ TATTOO ASYLUM LLC 13702 N 51st Ave Glendale AZ,85304

I’m a versatile tattoo artist, I enjoy doing color work and cover ups and on my free time I make voodoo dolls, tooth fairies, monsters, jewelry or paint.

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image6 (1)

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image1 (2)

Day 287: Jon Sharer

My interest in photography has roots in my view camera days during the 1960s.  These were the days of documentary photography and accurately capturing the scene.  In contrast, today I see the camera recorded image as a point of departure for post processing and manipulation.  Sometimes this occurs in subtle ways as in my landscape photos about a place or a moment in time, and other times it is more dramatic as in my harbor abstractions which are more akin to an event or layers in time. My photomontage work is often an endeavor to make visible what is hidden from view or social consciousness. I like to think of my creative explorations as an attempt to make visible a hidden landscape which is only revealed in the interplay between what is depicted photographically, an altered reality, and the world we know as memories.

Upper Antelope Canyon Aparition #91
Antelope Canyon
Urban Harbor
Harbor Impressions Black and White, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island


Horseshoe Bend #281, Page, Arizona
Urban Vibe
Urban Vibe 2, Boston, MA
Festival Impressions
Festival Impressions

Day 286: Jody Miller

Equine fine art Photographer, Jody Miller takes her place among the finest Arizona
photographers to offer striking images of horses, cowboy and cowgirl pictures, and
Western lifestyle photography.
“Since 1984 I have been involved with horses. Initially in California to work at an
Arabian horse ranch working the stalls, feeding and grooming horses. Years later I found
my home in Prescott Arizona and continued photographing the powerful animals I
loves. My horse photography goes beyond simple portraiture of horses…I create
memorable scenes with the horses I photographs.
My equine photography covers the gamut of presentations and moods, from formal horse
portraits to images of horses in motion to close-ups of thundering hooves.
Even at an early age I have admired the power and strength of a horse in movement.
How can an animal that is so large and so powerful be so sensitive and so loving and so
As an artist I hope you can sense your own feelings of strength, of freedom, beauty,
aliveness, passion, inspiration, self- assurance, and poise, well up within you as you look
at my work.”
Jody’s fine art work has received her many honors.
* Best of Show: Animals in Art, Prescott Fine Arts Gallery
*Honorable Mention: The Eclectic Corporate Art Show, Prescott Fine Arts Gallery
*Recipient of “The Phippen Award” at Emerging Photographic Talents of the West
Show, The Phippen Museum
“Photographing horses is a joy I cannot describe. I could spend every waking hour just
clicking away whilst they are oblivious to my enthusiasm for their seemingly mundane
excursions…but every now and then I believe they know that they are being admired and
they grant me a glimpse of something really special. These are the moments that steal my heart away…”

Representation: ONLINE

Van Gogh Ear, Prescott Gallery
Dragonfly Handcrafted-Cottonwood, AZ
Hart of AZ-Cottonwood, AZ
Daleno Art- Los Angeles, CA
Coops Coffee House-Prescott, AZ
Sedona Artist Market- Sedona, AZ
Blink Art/Art Design Consultants- Cincinnati, OH

Natural Horse Magazine Cover 2017
Realty Executives N. AZ Cover 2016
TrailBlazer Magazine Cover Sept 2008
Horses in Action Poster book- Cover 2007
Back in the Saddle December 2006 Cover
Sturm Ruger Sporstwear Catalog
Smith Brothers Western Wear Catalog- 2005 Cover
Today’s Horse Trader- 2004 Cover

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StallionBreeze (1)
Stallion Breeze 1
StallionBreeze (2)
Stallion Breeze 2
Xander Golden
Bringing Em Home USA
Box Canyon
Box Canyon