Day 370: Diana Creighton

I use human and animal figures in my work to tell stories and create a conversation in oil paint. The painting becomes a kind of
magic world in which each character takes a turn on the stage.
I use that world to find gesture and expression and to see familiar
things in a new way.
Lately, I’ve been using a jaguar and bear as stand-ins for various human traits. They
are powerful, but they get distracted, get into scrapes, act foolish and cause trouble.
Sometimes life is too much for them.
The puppets and wind-up toys are their own little community. The world can turn upside
down in a heartbeat, and they don’t have much control over it.
In my world, the characters are unconfined and allow me to explore emotions, relationships and cultural themes with a light heart but a serious purpose. I hope each viewer
will find something different and personal in the paintings and expand the conversation.
Diana Creighton grew up in Los Angeles, where telling stories is a major industry. She
graduated from Stanford University, where she studied art and story-telling, taking a
degree in American Literature. In the summer she studied at Otis Art Institute in Los
Angeles, and after moving to Phoenix, she continued studying art at Arizona State University.
She now lives in Oracle, Arizona, a small town with a big artists’ community in the
Catalina Mountains northeast of Tucson. She shows regularly in regional juried and invitational shows. Her work is in public and private collections.
For information and prices:
602-505-0329 (mobile)
To see more paintings visit



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