Day 368: Bodhi Jangles

Artist statement:
I’m a new DIY artist living in Tempe, Arizona drawing the strange creatures that live in my brain. Working primarily in pen or paint markers and digital designs, I mostly make stickers in a street art inspired format. Delving into mixed media, I also make stamps, beginning work with sculpting, and finding anything I can to put art on. I’ve been drawing pretty much all my life but only started seriously getting into the art scene in the past few years. My inspirations span from manga, anime, cartoons, and video games to diseases, genetic disorders, the paranormal, and occult sources. The majority of things I make I feel are given to me from somewhere, as a sort of flash before falling asleep, closing my eyes, or staring at a blank page. The main message I have towards creating art is that anyone can make art out of anything, and I encourage everyone to make something no matter what skills you have.
Instagram: @bodhi_jangles
circle sticks
Circle Sticks

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