Day 366: Steve Simon

Steve Simon has been painting professionally for 25 years.  With a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, Simon took an unusual path to becoming an artist.  Originally from Chicago, the young businessman found himself in his late twenties living in the Parisian artist quarter of Montmartre while working on a management consulting assignment.  It was there he made the decision to leave the business world in favor of becoming an artist.  He moved to Newport Beach, CA where he opened his own gallery featuring his landscapes and seascapes.  Soon he began self-publishing coffee-table books of his art.

Twelve years ago Simon moved to Sedona, AZ with his wife and children where he began painting the inspirational red rock landscapes.  Seven years ago he began an ambitious project of painting a collection of 40 great peacemakers.  He just recently finished the collection and is in the process of writing a book about the lessons he learned from studying these luminaries.

Most recently Simon was commissioned by the Marriott Corporation to create original art and reproductions for the rooms, villas, and lobbies of two Maui properties and the lobby art for another Kauai property.

Steve Simon
Painting the Spirit of Beautiful Places

Six of the seven books I have published
Cathedral Rock Reflections
“Cathedral Rock” (Sedona)
Gandhi in Meditation
“Gandhi in Meditation” (Great Peacemaker Collection)
Newport Harbor
“Bear Can Race” (Newport Harbor)
Maui Wave
“The Wave” (one of the pieces commissioned by the Marriott)


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