Day 362: Katherine Thompson

My first foray into the world of art as an adult was through art therapy exercises that I was introduced to in the 1990s.   The amount of energy that came forth from my unconscious onto the poster board surprised and enlivened me and I knew that I wanted to work with this newfound creative energy and that learning how to surrender to this energy would allow me to live my life in a more authentic way.   My goal as an artist is to surrender to the process of creation because  this allows my to know myself more deeply.

I began to make what I call off-loom weavings while studying fiber arts at Pima College with Claire Campbell Park.   Technically these pieces are macramé and are made entirely of knots.  I love the process of making these pieces because it allows me to slow down.  Some of my pieces are inspired by images I see in nature, or photos of nature, and some come purely from my intuition.

Collage is another medium that I love to work with.   Most of my paper collages involve working with one or two images and allowing the image to come to life in a different and satisfying way.     Though I am not Catholic, I seem to be drawn to Catholic imagery.  The papers I use are hand-painted tissue papers and other collage papers.

In 2009 I took a workshop with Karen English and began making collages from fabric.  These collages are completely free-form and are made by sewing lots of colorful fabric pieces together with interesting curves.

I find the creative process to rejuvenating and life-affirming.  My work allows me to know myself in a different and more intimate way and what comes forth in my art often informs me of a larger process in my life.

Costa Rica
10 - Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child
Earthly Delight - 18 x 19
Earthly Delight

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