Day 360: Justin Lucero

Justin Lucero Multimedia Artist

Being born on December 1983 gave Justin a lot of outlets to love and admire during the 80’s to 90’s. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Silver Hawk cartoons, to Terminator and Alien films then to later X-men and Spawn comic books. But it wasn’t just the final works he saw on television or what had gone to print was what peeked his interest into doing what he does now, it was the knowledge and fascination of knowing how all of those wondrous works of art were made.

 “ My favorite times were being able to be by myself creating something on paper that wasn’t there and then showing it to my mom or to whomever really wanted to see it and wait for their reaction. I was I guess you could say that indoor kid that was always experimenting with what he could make or create next. “ 

Like a young mad scientist he would later try and learn every medium he could when it came to the arts. Going from painting with acrylics, oils , then to drawing with pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pen and ink. 

“ I picked up the airbrush in middle school and I would paint skateboards for friends and make some cash selling boards and t-shirts out of my room. I even took calligraphy classes after regular school hours just to learn the art of lettering. Yeah, I’m nuts. ”

 Some time in junior high school he would pick up the guitar and teach himself how to sing and play. Later on Justin would venture into college to learn film and video production. 

“ I guess you could say I studied art all my life really without realizing that’s what I was doing. It was just always something I loved and I wanted to know more of what I could do with it. Not to mention, It was also a great escape from my own insecurities. When it came to me going to college I had realized I basically just watched as computers had already become the future of art so I came into the digital world pretty late when I went to learn all this crap on computers. But when I started doing art digitally it really became like a second nature once I finally figured out all the damn buttons of course. ”

During his schooling he would land some jobs with a few marketing and branding agencies it would be there he’d learn a series of newly found skillsets creating short videos for clientele utilizing , videography skills, editing and 2d/3d animation.

“ The college I went to had basic animation skills I had to really learn 2d and 3d animation myself through watching tutorial videos on Youtube.”

“ It’s funny looking back at some of the 80’s sci-fi and horror films I began seeing something about high contrast lighting and how objects coming out of darkness that just always seemed to get my attention in such a way that most of my work that I’ve done all the way from when I was a kid to even today deals in this type of lighting. “

Today Justin , does graphics and videos for local heavy metal bands, hip hop artists and local entrepreneurs that want to get their works and ideas through out the valley. He’s also currently working on a scifi/horror film project of his own titled “ Falling Stars “ which he has illustrated well over 200 storyboards and concept art for.

“ Imagery is powerful. It can make you laugh, make you cry, it can even inspire you. I’m hoping with Falling Stars I’m able to do all of that. I started this project a very long time ago I work on it every chance I get when I’m not working on someone else’s project so this is definitely going to be my lifes work. I just hope I’m not dead when it actually comes to life.“


Justin Lucero Website –

 FallingStars –

Aztec Eagle –

Fatal Malady –

Burn Music video –

MADSIGNTIST Music video –

The Aztec Eagle
Mad Signtist
FM Art
Falling Stars Panel


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