Day 359: Rafiq Majeed

Art is my life. I love all fields of visual art. Throughout my life I have
learned and practiced multiple types of art. I have a high education in
art and I am still learning a lot every day. I am a painter, this is the art
from which I started. People and human relations are the focus of my
paintings. I try to capture a moment frozen in time. My images come
together to tell a story about what happened before and after this
captured moment. Maybe it was my work in the field of photography
that influenced my work in this way.
I moved to the United States in 2013 and began learning ceramics and
fused glass art. I try to mix painting with ceramics, but I do not lose the
ceramic art as a stand-alone art. So I create traditional shapes and
sometimes add some touches and changes to them. I enrich the
surfaces and add another layer of meaning by drawing and painting on
Working with clay is part of my cultural history. I am from Iraq where
the potter’s wheel was first used in the ancient Sumerian civilization.
The ancient cultures said, “God created humans from clay.” So it was
one of my dreams to do something of clay.

Rafiq Majeed,Captives,Acrylic on Canvas,2015,$850
Rafiq Majeed, Circus.Acrylic on Canvas,2016.$1200
play on the pitcher 1
Play on the Pitcher 1


rise to sky 1
Rise to Sky 1
Rafiq Majeed,Dance of God,Acrylic on Canvas,2015,$700
Dance of God


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