Day 354: Donna Ceraulo

Artist’s Statement

Donna Ceraulo has had a life-long passion for art. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, her first introduction to painting was in High School in Phoenix, Arizona in 1977 where she developed an intense love of the Impressionists.  Today she enjoys creating portraits and landscapes in an abstract, impressionistic or expressionistic way. She often uses vintage photography as inspiration for her work and utilizes Pinterest extensively to study past and present works of art and to categorize reference material for future artworks. She primarily creates her artwork with acrylic paints, collage and texture mediums but also works in oils, cold wax and watercolor.

Donna began selling her artwork in 2017 after creating her own art studio in her home in Phoenix, a space devoted to art and light. She will be a featured artist at 9 The Gallery in Phoenix in February 2019 with her series Trapped in the Past. Donna believes in the self-healing and nurturing benefits of a creative life. “ART enables us to FIND ourselves and LOSE ourselves at the same time.” (Thomas Merton)

lady hastings_donna ceraulo
Lady Hastings
cascaded color_donna ceraulo
Cascaded Color
winter respite_donna ceraulo
Winter Respite
trapped in the past_donna ceraulo
Trapped in the Past

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