Day 350: Kimberly Scott


Kimberly Scott is an Arizona native whose love for her home state and the southwest is readily apparent in her work. She began painting alongside her grandfather when she was about eight years old. Her first oil painting was an imaginary desert landscape filled with Native American teepees, horses, and campfires. A theme she tends to return to, in one way or another, after nearly 50 years.

A graduate of Arizona State University, with a BFA in Painting, Kimberly also studied for three years with R.K. Hillis in Glendale, as well as with Matt Smith and other prominent artists at Scottsdale Artists School. She grew up in Phoenix, Payson and Kearny, Arizona where she was blessed in the experiences of cultural diversity and the vanishing lifestyles that once defined the West. It is her desire to celebrate and preserve the beauty, mystery, memories, people, and history of her home state and all of the southwest with her work.


Arizona runs in my blood. It is the place of my birth and it’s beauty and diversity still fill me with wonder and respect. A place of endless exploration, Arizona is both breathtaking and dangerous. It has an edge to it. Like a cactus with a delicate blossom, it must be revered as well as admired. My work highlights my love for Arizona’s clear light and colorful landscapes as well as its culture, history, and multifaceted people.





Son’s Song Sung
The Patriot
The Three Calaveras
Three Catrina Dancers and a Horse

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