Day 346: Megan Nemeth

Ive always loved to draw from as far back as I can remember. I’m a shy introvert and art was a good excuse for me to escape the pressure of social life during breaks at school. I combined my love for cooking and art in culinary school, where I specialized in baking and pastry and graduated in 2007. I went on to become a cake decorator for 9 years, but more recently left in order to pursue my original dream of being a fine artist, as well as a stay at home mom. I have lived in Tucson AZ for 4 years now and when I first drove here I was captivated by the tall swarrows which i had never seen in real life before. I continue to be in awe of the surreal desert here and that is the focus of my paintings today. I hope to make enough art to start selling my work.

Went to the Professional Culinary Institute and west valley college for AA and AS in business.
Live with Fiancee David and 2 year old daughter Chelsey, she makes art with me
Born and raised in campbell and then san diego CA
Has 2 cats and always a big lover of animals. Now vegan
Worked at Nadines Bakery for 4 years and recently left.
Went to culinary for baking and pastry because i went vegetarian in high school and my parents said that if i wasnt going to eat meat that i needed to learn how to cook. So i developed a passion for cooking and thats when my parents and grandparents gathered the 24 grand to send me to culinary school for baking and pastry.
Only art classes ive taken were bob ross oil at Michaels stores.
I use oils, acrylics, watercolors and airbrush. And washable paints when working with Chelsey









One thought on “Day 346: Megan Nemeth

  1. Marilyn Bosco says:

    Your paintings are wonderful in the way you incorporate a strong focal point, layering of the colors, and show changes in direction. Any one would be proud to hang one in their living room.


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