Day 341: Ernest Hogan

I’m an artist whether I like it or not. It’s a bad habit I got into early. I’m always mashing around weird images in my brain.

I always have a sketchbook. And a notebook.

Sometimes I work as a writer, which has brought me more success―I’m known as the Father of Chicano Science Fiction, my novels have been taught as part of university courses.

My mother’s name is Garcia and I was born in East L.A.

In the last decade, I’ve been scanning stuff from the sketchbooks, and using GIMP to enhance them.

For years I thought of myself as a failure, but lately, my art and writing have been attracting attention. My art has been displayed in Latino and Native American art shows.

I keep creating more stuff. I can’t help it.

I blog at, and my Chicanonautica column appears every other Thursday at

Dead Sun Dance 300
Dead Sun Dance
High-Tech Voodootoons 300x
High Tech Voodootoons
Inner Space Man
Inner Space Man
Western Vision 300
Western Vision


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