Day 340: Suzanne Sahakian

Artist Statement – Suzanne Sahakian
“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  Ansel Adams
Although I have been taking photos for many years, first film and now digital, it has only been since 2011 that I have been able to focus my full attention on the art of photography. I started out to be a ballet dancer, worked briefly in publishing and went on to become a lawyer, practicing commercial litigation for 26 years in Detroit and Chicago. I retired early from the practice of law in order to focus on my creative passions, including photography.  I have a working studio in my home in Tucson and a studio for showing my work in downtown Tucson’s historic Warehouse Arts District.
For me, photography is a way of capturing and presenting a certain essence of life, defining an energy, highlighting a juxtaposition of details that might otherwise go unnoticed. I believe the camera lends itself to a more mindful disposition and appreciation of the life around me and I seek to share that vision with others through my work. My photos and photo collages are colorful and vibrant reflections of urban scenes, natural landscapes and botanic blooms.  Through the digital process, I bring out colors and detail to highlight images, presenting little vignettes, points of view.  I research my images and locations, which adds another dimension to my process and understanding. I like to think my photos are optimistic and compelling, providing a calm against the backdrop of daily routine – a ‘visual vacation’ and a reminder of the inherent and poignant possibilities of everyday life.  Many of my photos are mistaken for paintings.  The photos below are from a recent visit to Scotland in July 2018.
Social Media & Website:
Instagram:  shoushanshots
Facebook:  SuzanneSahakianPhotography
Charmed Floristree, Edinburgh
Cashmere, High Street, Edinburgh
St. Munda’s Church of Scotland, Ballachulish
Unicorn At The Palace, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh
Two Benches, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

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