Day 338: Amanda Kurley

  Amanda started her career in design, but quickly went into comic books, a medium that would remain one of her favorites, where she did inking, layout and networking.  She has since been a freelance artist.
    While she dabbles in various artistic mediums and crafts, pen and ink illustration remains her favorite medium.
    Some of her biggest artistic influences include David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil), Wendy and Richard Pini (Elfquest), Bill Sienkiewicz, James O’Barr, and Quinton Hoover.
    Amanda currently does commissions, one of a kind art pieces, and various crafts.  She has recently been crafting RPG stories to run at conventions and can be heard as guest host, Warlord Amanda, on the Full Metal RPG podcast.  You can contact her through one of her social media links, Etsy store, or her forthcoming website.
Facebook: Amanda Kurley,
Instagram: @warlordamanda
Full Metal RPG:
Sad lil Girl
Sad lil Girl
Storm and Jasmine
Storm and Jasmine
Cloak and Dagger
Cloak and Dagger
red death
Red Death
drowning death
Drowning Death



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