Day 331: Janet Burner

Clay as art is my goal and inspiration. The human figure, images from nature, as well as animal forms fascinate my imagination. Smooth surfaces, texture, movement, and contrasts are often incorporated. I believe my love for drawing, clay, and sculpture also lives in my work.

From mud to life, to tell a story, to live beyond oneself, a vase is something to behold. My latest works are wheel thrown, often in sections and drawn upon; the forms are then pushed out from the inside, a process called repoussé.

Clay is forgiving, soft, strong, difficult, breakable, enduring, frustrating, colorful, natural, sensual, powerful, educational, trouble, beautiful, heavy, delicate, trying, light, and demanding. It’s creative and has a memory and it is loved.

Porcelain/ Repoussé/  22" X  8" X  7"/12lbs./2017

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