Day 326: Stephanie Dann

For 20 years now, I have been attempting photography; working to hone my craft and showcase the beauty the world holds through my camera lens. My style does not necessarily fit neatly into one heading cleanly, instead, I hope to bring to the viewer the emotions and energy of every scene I capture. I primarily work in landscapes, my passion being the changing of seasons, the power of nature, and vibrancy of human life. I love way the Arizona evening skies following a monsoon storm; the layering of clouds, the play of light and shadows, the colors and shapes of life all around me are truly magnificent to behold. Reflections and angles always catches my eye.

Living in northern Arizona provides a unique experience from the rest of Arizona, we actually experience 4 seasons! Winters are heavy in northern Arizona, leaving a temporary blanket of driven snow and a frozen landscape. Spring brings light showers and green foliage to us, life beginning anew. During this time, Monument Valley and Sedona become somehow a more energetic red and so much more spectacular. Summer gives us the monsoons, sunflowers, and herds of elk standing just off the side of the road. In fall, the sacred San Francisco Peaks bless us with a color show of changing leaves on our aspen trees, combined with the green of our ponderosa pines. Every trip through northern Arizona requires my camera to be by my side, just there to capture those images of the changing world around me.

I developed this passion from my family and their interactions with the world. I am a Navajo and Hopi mother of a beautiful daughter (Arianna), and hold a deep connection to the land around me. Born to Elizabeth Beyal from Greasewood, AZ, and 1SG Floyd Dann Jr. from Lower Moenkopi, AZ, I have been blessed to experience portions of both a “traditional” native lifestyle and a more contemporary American lifestyle. My father’s role in the United States Army played an important part of my early life as we traveled across the nation and I was thrust into meeting new people and seeing new places.

I had my art displayed at the Gemini Gallery in Winslow. My photos have also been featured in a few different news publications including social media outlets.

Future exhibitions:

  • Kayenta Arts Festival August 18th – 19th, 2018
  • Arizona Skies and Landscapes at Gemini Gallery September 15th, 2018
Sunset at the Duck Pond
Hiding from the Sun
Not in Use
A Trip to Devil’s Bridge
A Different View
Sunset of My Dreams
Rainy Nights in Flagstaff

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