Day 321: Erin Gramzinski

I was born in a hogan my parents built on 40 acres of juniper covered land off the grid, about 35 miles northeast of Flagstaff.  Not a typical upbringing for a little white kid growing up in the 80’s, but my parents weren’t your typical parents.  Growing up in an isolated beautiful setting without the typical trappings of cable-tv, microwave ovens, or even running water or paved roads helped shape me as the photographer/cameraman I am today.  I can’t say that I appreciated it then since I wanted to skateboard or ride my bike over to my friend’s houses like my other friends in school, but I’m grateful of it now.
My professional background is in TV news.  I spent about 10 years as a news “shooter” for the ABC affiliate in Phoenix and still freelance as a camera operator for a some of the networks from time to time.  I picked up a DSLR about 5 years ago and started to teach myself how to shoot stills.   I don’t consider myself a professional photographer for stills but my work as a videographer definitely has laid the foundation for my work with the DSLR.  I love to create time-lapse videos by shooting hundreds of stills and then editing them together to create video clips.
I named my little production company Mud House Media since I was born in a mud house and wanted my business to be born there too.  You can check out some of my work on my website at   My Instagram handle is @egramz and also have a YouTube channel at  I hope you like what you see.
God’s Eye on Mt. Lemmon
Roadkill near Agathla Peak
Madam Pele’s Breath

3 thoughts on “Day 321: Erin Gramzinski

  1. Rachel Pennington Davis says:

    Absolutely remarkable work, Erin… keep on,, keeping on!!
    I remember the beginnings of Mom and Dad living as they were – you never know what will make you “who” you are. Apparently all good! fondly Mimi Rachel Pennington Davis – your Mom’s cousin.


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