Day 319: Howard Curtiss

Arizona has been home since retiring and I very much enjoy the numerous southwest painting opportunities here. Colored pencil is my specialty and, to a lesser extent, pen & ink plus combinations of the two. Most of my art is based on personal photos and observation ranging from southwest landscapes, native plants, animals & birds to local architecture.

Though my education was in engineering (BS & MS) I have always been interested in art, in fact my passion for drawing began in elementary school. Recently I have taken many art classes &workshops plus joining several art organizations including the Colored Pencil Society of America, the Tucson Colored Pencil Artists Assoc, Cactus Wren Artisans and the Tucson Mountains Artists Collective. I was Newsletter Editor for TCPAA for several years. I have entered my art in numerous Tucson area galleries and exhibits (some juried) and am actively creating new art.

I have many artworks available and am a permanent exhibitor in the Cactus Wren Artisans Gallery on Kinney Rd just south of the Tucson Mountain Park.

I can be reached on

2017a SAGUARO OWLS (dwnsz)
Saguaro Owls
2016d STAGE COACH WAITING [14x11] (dwnsz)
Stage Coach Waiting
2017c CAT MOUNTAINS (dwnszd) JPG
Cat Mountains
2017b [12x9] 1912 MARATHON (dnsz)
1912 Marathon
2010b CACTUS WREN HI mod for std 11x14 mat, Kul'k (best) jpg - Copy
Cactus Wren

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