Day 312: Cat Ward


Cat Ward started drawing and painting from a very young age. Her grandmother was an artist and instructed her on basic painting and drawing concepts and techniques.

Later in life, Cat took drawing and painting classes in college to further develop her skills. After many years of practice, and artistic as well as personal development, she found her passion for drawing and painting wildlife.

Today, Cat is a world traveler and scuba diver. She finds her inspiration through her adventures and love of animals. She enjoys teaching others the therapeutic qualities of art by hosting private and public painting parties. Her art has been displayed in the Schemer Art Museum and The Art Fashion Show of 2016. Cat is now working on her Art Education degree.

Cat Ward hopes that through her teachings and her art, she will help others to appreciate and protect the wildlife of our planet.


My email is:
My gallery can be seen via my FB page: Cat Ward Artistry
Fleeting Chance (3)
Fleeting Chance
Lion Heart Print
Lion Heart
Octopus Print
Shark print
Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye

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