Day 311: Suzi Black

Artist’s Statement

“I am really excited by great brushstrokes,  vibrant color and composition that just clicks. I’ve spent years doing painterly Southwest landscapes, but right now I’m hooked on the human form and I am especially interested in painting women whose figures break up my composition in an interesting way. Besides my compositional motivations,  I truly enjoy the challenge of finding the soul of the subject and expressing it through posture, attitude and a certain mystical/ magical “ I don’t know how it happens” something that comes through the eyes. It’s as if I am creating a world of friends and my own babies all the same time.     I love it!”

Facebook is under Suzie Israel Black.
Instagram: Suzanniebl

So Happy to Make Your Acquaintance!
Hot Desert Wind
Ah, Those Rockets of Desire!
Not So Fast, Buster!
Laura..With the Gleam in Her Eye


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