Day 310: Kimberly Williams

Artist Bio
My name is Kimberly Williams. Let me tell you a story…..I am a freelance Illustrator based out of Mesa Arizona. Art has always been a way for me to enhance a story and give it life. I do not have an extensive background that includes years of art school (only the cliched ‘short stint’), but I can turn anything into a story or an adventure you want to stick around for. My art background goes back to middle school where I discovered comic books and a world of possibilities. Turning the pages of each carefully drawn comic, my friend and I would marvel at the detailed line work and carefully placed ink and colors that opened the door to our imaginations. I was obsessed. I doodled on everything. Nothing was safe in my hands-because literally, when you got it back, it was covered in doodles.

I dabbled in amateur comic strips. My friend and I came up with scenarios and I would draw them out. Every week we had a new comic. At the end of my amateur comic strip phase, I would discard those comic strips in the trash and move onto the next obsession. Imagine my surprise when reconnecting with that old friend, finding out she went behind me and collected those discarded comics and kept them. Looking back at my old art I was amazed to see how much my skills have improved. From comic strips I moved onto painting with acrylics. And then pastels. Markers and colored pencils. Charcoal. Digital media. I have worked my way through most mediums and all self taught. I did not have the best materials to start out with, but when you are passionate about making art, you can transform those materials into magic tools.
My art expands to published children’s books, coloring books on Amazon, art prints and stickers, storyboards for film students, private commissions, tattoo designs, designs for other artists and an array of other exciting projects coming up. My works are easily detectable by the rich saturation of color, my signature expression, and attention to detail. I know I’ve done my job as an artist when people walk past my art and do a double take or walk back to take it all in. I want to paint you a picture. I want to
tell you a story. Let me tell you a story…..
You can find me on Instagram: kiwimomma31

Winter Orbs
Sombrero, Dia De Los Muerto Collection, Mixed Media
Graveyard Moon, Mixed Media

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