Day 309: Mickey Chaney

My name is Mickey Chaney Jr. and I am the artist behind Gearhead Automotive Artwork. I was born and raised here in Arizona and have always had a love for the Automobile. I grew up around Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and lifted trucks so I guess it was just inevitable. I have been building and promoting Gearhead Automotive Artwork for about a year now, but I have a pretty long history of working on a semi-professional level. I initially started Spooky Kid Designs, which was another Automotive Art-centered project, but that fell through when the car market collapsed, so I shifted my focus over to the comic book world. That went well for a few years and I evolved my style away from comic-styled works to portraits. I did, however, grow bored with that scene as it wasn’t where my true interests were seeded. I decided to walk away from that and re-establish myself as an automotive artist. So, everything has come full circle now.
While I have no formal art training I do consider myself pretty well-rounded in styles and mediums, but am also open-minded and willing to try new techniques and tools. I do predominately use Graphite and Colored Pencils for my work because they allow me to get the most detail. However, I will also work in Oils, Acrylics, and Watercolor paints, Markers, and Inks. I am currently learning how to pinstripe with Enamel paints as that has always piqued my interests and it’s an older form of art that needs to be kept alive. Also, a majority of my work is sized at 11″x17″ paper as it tends to be the most popular size, but I can go as large as 18″x24″ on paper and as large as 48″x60″ on Canvas.
I do take commission orders and have an array of pieces already completed available for purchase. I tend to keep my prices low as I want to reach more people. While it would be wonderful to be able to sell a piece for thousands of dollars, one of the things I really enjoy about this field is the stories you hear from people when they order a piece. It’s not just a car or truck to them. It’s the memories of that vehicle. You get a lot of insight when people bring up their first car, or the one their grandfather use to race. It reminds you that these aren’t just hunks of metal or tools used for transportation. These are vehicles that move our lives forward and carry more sentimental value than physical. So the more people I get to meet, the more stories I get to hear, the more I get to enjoy the work that I do.
People can see more of my work and contact me through;
Instagram @gearheadautoart
Yamaha R1M
Yamaha R1M Colored Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
1954 Mercedes W196 Silver Arrow
1954 Mercedes W196 Silver Arrow Graphite Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
Honda CBR900RR
Honda CBR900RR Graphite Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Colored Pencil on 11″x17″ paper
1970 VW Beetle AA FC Drag Car
1970 VW Beetle AA/FC Drag Car Graphite Pencil on 11″x17″ paper.

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