Day 308: Michele Batchelder

I was born in Namibia in 1958. Lived in Cape Town a and then Durban where I grew up and was educated. I did a three-year Art Course at Durban Commercial High School which I completed in 1976, majoring in ceramics and painting. I began painting at the age of 3 with the encouragement of my father and uncle who both saw potential in my early scribbles. At the age of 5, they bought me oils which I have loved since.
After leaving school I continued to paint, draw and had a pottery studio, where I taught and produced ceramics for the local art supply stores.
By 1990, my love for painting took over and I embarked on a Professional career as a full-time artist. Gratefully, it has been a very abundant and successful time, and my artworks grace the walls of many private homes worldwide, and boardrooms, foyers, and lodges countrywide.
In 3007 I moved ‘home’, back to the west coast. I love the big skies, the sunsets, and the stark landscape. Love the Cape. After 10 years in Cape Town I was offered an opportunity I could not refuse and relocated to Great Brak River on the Garden Route where I have a studio, signature gallery and give workshops. I have called this piece of peace THE ART FARM “where art and artists grow” and can accommodate artists on retreats and offer relaxing peaceful space to chill and ponder as well as use of a beautiful studio if they desire to paint.
For the past 15 years, I have taken part in many exhibitions such as Homemakers expo and Decorex which have been very successful for me.
I joined the council of SASA (South African Society or Artists) in 2015 as Exhibition Co-Ordinator, which I loved, and which I, unfortunately, had to give up when relocating to Great Brak River.
I am very fortunate to be represented by several galleries, for which I am very grateful.
I am inspired by many things… things I see, touch, feel, and hear. When traveling through this vast country of such beauty, it never ceases to amaze me how varied the landscape and people are. The images I get in my mind eye translates the feelings that music creates for me. I love textures and create texture to mimic the feeling of, for example, leather, rock, or sand. And.. of course… people… Such colorful creatures! The different cultures and their different beliefs are always an inspiration!
I pour my heart and soul onto each canvas.
On Instagram  mbatchelder_africanartist
‘Desperados ‘
2′ x 2′
Mixed media on board
‘The 4th’
2′ x 2′ 
Mixed media on board
‘The heat’
2′ x 4′
Mixed media on board 
‘Saguaro landscape’
2′ x 4′ 
Mixed media on board

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