Day 302:Mckenzie Dankert

My purpose in creating is to explore themes surrounding the inexplicable and ephemeral nature of the human experience. Through the language of non-traditional, multimedia printmaking, I aim to invite audiences to not only question their surroundings, but to also draw meaning from their everyday lives and experiences.

The physical and chemical processes of lithography have come to inform the content of my work, and vise versa. The extreme level of calculation and planning that the medium requires mirrors the most challenging parts of being human, while the grinding of the image off the stone is cathartic and serves as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life itself. In addition to developing these connections with lithography, my time dealing with loss helped to shape the influence in my choice of materials.

The passing of my grandmother triggered feelings of nostalgia for working with fabric and embroidery. In 2016, I decided to combine both mediums with the start of my development in textile lithography in my series “Patchwork.� I spent my final undergraduate semester adjusting my process to be able to print large scale lithographs on muslin fabric.

The movement and texture of the material as well as the intimate associations humans have with fabric have brought a new sense of life and accessibility to my subjects. My recent development in this medium has me beyond excited to keep pushing for bigger, more powerful works of art that effectively communicate engaging narratives. It has also led me to consider the importance of not limiting myself to certain materials.

It has been a privilege working alongside peers in the art community here in Flagstaff for the last six years, and I am thrilled to be starting at the University of Arizona in Tucson this Fall to pursue a Master of Fine Arts.



“Closure” Lithograph and embroidery on muslin
“Patchwork I “ Lithograph, embroidery, watercolor and ink on muslin
“Patchwork II “ Lithograph, embroidery, watercolor and ink on muslin
“Patchwork III “ Lithograph, embroidery, watercolor and ink on muslin
“Untitled” Lithograph and embroidery on muslin

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