Day 299: Dyana Hesson

Botanical artist Dyana Hesson loves a good adventure.  She was born and raised in the gold country of Northern California. As a kid, she was always happiest exploring outdoors and rarely settled down to read a book all the way through.

When Dyana’s father gave her his old 35 mm film camera in elementary school, her skinned knees and grass-stained clothes gave way to a quiet appreciation of aesthetic beauty. She was interested in the landscape, but more than just scenic vistas. At close range, the hues and contours of flowers and plants caught her eye. Some of the first things she photographed were the succulents growing in her mother’s garden.

A hard worker but a struggling student, Hesson found her gift of painting in an art class in college. She changed her major and studied art at Arizona State University where she developed her style of applying thin layers of oil paint with very little texture. After graduating with honors, Dyana combined her newly found skills with the work ethic of her childhood, and soon art collectors eagerly invested in her radiant paintings.

Her work has received national and local awards and is collected worldwide.

Dyana lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband Randy, daughter Sydney and Jack Russell terrier, Boon. She has a case of incurable wanderlust, and a love affair with God’s creation.

“It is a privilege and pleasure to be a fine artist in today’s world. It is a pleasure because I get to wake every morning and do what I love and pour my soul into creating something beautiful. It is also a privilege because with creating comes responsibility. My desire is to create a safe place where a viewer’s eyes can land and rest for awhile. It has been said that the only two things that can pierce our hearts are beauty and affliction, and if this is so, we need a measure of beauty in our lives in equal proportion to our affliction. My unspoken agreement with my collectors and fans is that I will always bring my very best to you. I will work hard to bring a measure of beauty to your world with all the ability God has given me.”

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Dyana Hesson Affinity, Succulents in Pots 48x38 print_edited-1
Affinity, Succulents in Pots
Dyana Hesson Love Came Down, White Tulips 60x40
Love Came Down, White Tulips
Dyana Hesson Night Song, Cactus Bloom In Iris's Garden 36x36 (2)
Night Song, Cactus Bloom in Iris’s Garden
Dyana Hesson Pears and Coffee 40x60
Pears and Coffee
Dyana HessonThe Sweet Smell of Home, Gardenia in Kona 28x22
The Sweet Smell of Home, Gardenia in Kona
Dyana Hesson
Artist Dyana Hesson

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