Day 298: Tom Conner

Tom grew up in North Carolina and was drawing and painting from an early age. In college, these creative pursuits led to a “practical” degree in architecture, after which he moved west and settled in Arizona to pursue his career. It was in the deserts and forests of the southwest that his more significant if informal, arts education began. Developing a love of its great open spaces, hiking, camping and rock climbing soon filled his free time, where he absorbed the beauty of nature and learned to observe the ever-changing qualities of light.

Almost 20 years after moving to Arizona, Tom attended the annual artists’ studio tour in Prescott and was inspired to pick up the brushes in a serious way once again. Since then, he has explored his love of the natural world through painting, both plein air and studio works, always in the pursuit of capturing the greater truths of the natural world.

Tom and his wife divide their time between Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona.





Salt Marsh
Dawn’s Quiet Arrival
East Buzzard Point
Seeking Shade
Beside the Trail

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