Day 295: Adrian Garcia

I’ve been an artist all my life with no official training or art school. In the early 90’s I was inspired and fell immediately in love with graffiti art. Now I knew it existed in the 80’s , but I met someone that influenced me in high school and intrigued, inspired and influenced me to paint with spray paint. His name was Moises. It was tough in the 90’s to get commissioned murals or art work for a graffiti artist because it was not socially accepted here in Az. I had a few graff jobs here and there, but mostly were given out free or in exchange for paint supplies. So with that I was a struggling graff artist trying to get my work out there with little or no success. One day things changed for me I was told by my girlfriend at the time ( which is now deceased) she was pregnant and I had a baby on the way! I had alot to think about that night about my future in graffiti art. A few weeks had passed and slowly I started placing my graff supplies away in storage and what was once my art space became a room for my new baby girl. You see on December 2, 1995 I traded one passion for another. I left graffiti art to raise my baby girl. Graff has always been a part of my life and in my heart all this time. I often caught myself writing my name on things, napkins in restaurants, even on occasion doodling graff letters & characters here and there. I decided to try out another medium to still stay drawing and have money to take care of my daughter. I picked up a tattoo machine and became a tattoo artist for 7 years. It was such a great ride and I met wonderful tattoo artists and have heard so many heart filled stories from my clients and made good people that are my best of friends now, but towards the end of my tattoo career back injuries, late nights tattooing, sacrificing every weekend away from my daughter & not receiving the money I felt my tattoos where worth were not cutting it. So I decided to pack it all up and put it all away. I had my own private tattoo studio called Sixotattoo. So after 4 years that have passed and I’m bored as hell I want to do something that has to do with art. Why let a great talent go to waste I felt. So after watching a video on YouTube by a mixed media artist named Kiptoe I immediately got drawn in and was inspired again to come back to the graffiti scene!! I also attended a mural event here in Phoenix called The Oak Street Mural Festival. I was immediately hooked there was no stopping me! Watching all the mixed media artists and graffiti artists paint all together on alley walls was super exciting to me! No one was getting arrested, paint was provided, artists got some funding. It has been socially accepted now I want in!!!! The mural movement was already here its just I was in a different frame of mind tattooing and raising my daughter. Now that’s not a short story by any means, but it’s mine and I thought I’d share it with you.
Now here is my mission and my future graffiti art goals:
I gathered up all the artists I came across since my 2nd inspiration returning to the scene. There are alot of artists that are hidden and I found them to paint and make their debut on walls. Fine art artists working with graffiti artists learning off each other about color theory, tricks and tips with spray paint and how we use different caps to make skinny and fat lines. Genius!! Not only that we needed to show the community how artists can come together and make Az neighborhoods beautiful again. To show how important we as artists are worth. You see there is a process before we paint.
#1. Scout walls
#2. Meet with city officials
#3. Meet with the community leaders ask how we can be of service
#4. Clean up and throw trash of homeowners that donate their walls to us
#5. Buff current graffiti and prime walls for artists
#6. Invite the community out to participate in clean up and take part in a community mural where they can pick up a spray can or paint brush and help us out.
#7. Use the community artists first before parachuting in other artists from other cities or states
 There is a whole lot more that’s just a sample of what I have created. It’s not nothing new just new for me with a few twists. So with that said my new paintings are more colorful, beautiful and mean alot more to me because where I came from and what I’ve been through. I am a very humble & happy artist and I am very passionate of my work and have so much love for my graffiti brother’s & sister’s.  I am back home where I belong. You see not just anyone can belong to a subculture like this
I’m glad it welcomed me back with arms wide open. One of graffiti’s son’s is back! I will send another email to you with pics and who helped and inspired me
Event: Woodland Historic District collab ( Shake & Bake pt. 1)
Artists that help painted at the event as follows:
Artist helped on this mural: @adrian_grrcya





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