Day 291: Ryan Merrill

Hi World! My name is Ryan. I like to art! I have been creating things my whole life and even found a way to make a living doing it and teaching others as a Paintnite artist in Phoenix AZ, though to be honest we mostly just have a good time and try not to “learn” too much when we paint together! In 2009 -12 my wife and I lived overseas and got to be part of some very interesting Hungarian Deaf art and performance! When we returned to the states I found a craigslist gig that ultimately ended in 3 published graphic novels (Human Vol 1,2 and Trade Vol). That was a deep learning experience and maybe someday I will return to comics, but not just yet. For now I will keep working as a Paintnite instructor and making what I call “minis” which you can see on my instagram page.


Art is like Life, If you don’t like something about what you are making…then change it!
Mugshotpro on instagram and deviant art.
“Death Colossus”

One thought on “Day 291: Ryan Merrill

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a very talented young man Ryan. I love telling people that my little cousin made “it”. God bless you and your family.


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