Day 290:David Altamirano

Artist Statement

The inspiration behind my artwork is simple, “It’s more than a bunch of landscapes- it’s a relationship.”  Or rather it’s more of an appreciation for this relationship that is sustained through unconditional love, understanding and compromise.   Perhaps even more intriguing is that this relationship with my environment, which I cherish, has always been the driving force behind the development of who I am as a person.  We can all recognize that there are definite determining factors which play a huge role in shaping who we are; the dynamics of our family upbringing, our social political/religious/economic culture, belief systems, the schools we attended as a youth, the personal experiences we have etc… all of these things determine and build who we become and all of these fall under the umbrella of “our environment.”

While many people might say life is what you make of it and it doesn’t matter where you come from. This is true, but I say make your life whatever you want while never forgetting where you come from and the desert border town of Douglas Arizona is where I’m from and I’m proud, grateful even that I am able to share an appreciation for what I have here.  I have always found solace and peace while observing the desert sky and terrain, the plants and animals which surprise us all with their resilient ability to survive in this otherwise harsh environment.   Most gratifying however, is the deep connection to God and to what He has created for us to marvel at every day with every new angle of light and changing of color there is a renewed sense of wonder and beauty all around us all the time.

The land plays such a huge role in my personal life and in the development of my cultural awareness.  It continues to shape me, inspire me and nurture me just as every environment does for everyone else whether they recognize it or not.  We are a product of our environment and I have developed a grand appreciation and the need to share my interpretations of this beautiful land with others.  I come from here and I continue to explore the wonders of our surroundings through art.

Azteca Mountains
Black and BLue




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