Day 288: K-ta Buathier

Mother of 3 girls, Colombian Tattoo artist, piercer and crafter. I’ve been in the tattoo industry since 2004, started at my own shop in NYC as a Body piercer, did 2 years tattoo apprenticeship and I have been tattooing professionally over 12 years.
I closed the shop in NY and relocated in Arizona 6 years ago where I own AZ TATTOO ASYLUM LLC 13702 N 51st Ave Glendale AZ,85304

I’m a versatile tattoo artist, I enjoy doing color work and cover ups and on my free time I make voodoo dolls, tooth fairies, monsters, jewelry or paint.

image8 (1)


image6 (1)

image5 (1)

image4 (2)

image1 (2)

3 thoughts on “Day 288: K-ta Buathier

  1. Ruth Angel says:

    They forgot to put how beautiful you are and such a humble human being and a good friend. And your work is amazing ! The most professional shop I’ve been too!! Highly recommend!!!


  2. Amy Canzoneri says:

    I just got a nose piercing on Friday from K-Ta. She was very gentle & it didn’t really hurt as bad as I thought it would. She’s a very nice, down to earth person. Her work is amazing! 🙂


  3. Leslie Dowd says:

    K-Ta is an amazing artist! I was lucky enough to find her 4yrs ago. She did my Survivor tattoo that reflects me so beautifully. She’s just finished my 2nd tattoo & I’m already planning my next. We love her work so much, that my stepson on his last 3 visits from SC , got his 1st tattoo, has started & contined his sleeve.
    I highly recommend K-Ta!


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