Day 287: Jon Sharer

My interest in photography has roots in my view camera days during the 1960s.  These were the days of documentary photography and accurately capturing the scene.  In contrast, today I see the camera recorded image as a point of departure for post processing and manipulation.  Sometimes this occurs in subtle ways as in my landscape photos about a place or a moment in time, and other times it is more dramatic as in my harbor abstractions which are more akin to an event or layers in time. My photomontage work is often an endeavor to make visible what is hidden from view or social consciousness. I like to think of my creative explorations as an attempt to make visible a hidden landscape which is only revealed in the interplay between what is depicted photographically, an altered reality, and the world we know as memories.

Upper Antelope Canyon Aparition #91
Antelope Canyon
Urban Harbor
Harbor Impressions Black and White, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island


Horseshoe Bend #281, Page, Arizona
Urban Vibe
Urban Vibe 2, Boston, MA
Festival Impressions
Festival Impressions

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