Day 284: Neola Bye-Beza


My great  love is creating wonderful wearable art in the style of bead embroidery and weaving on looms. I find inspiration in both the Native American history and the beauty of the land in the SE Arizona desert where I live.  An abundance of rock hounds  provides me with OOAK  stones to use in creating my bold line of  jewelry which I I consider “not for the faint of heart.”  Hence the name “Gaudy by Neola.”
Periodically I  teach in my home as well as at local collages and I work to support local artists in many ways.  I am pleased to be a member of both the Casa Grande Art Association and the Artists of The Superstitions.   Check out my gallery on FB at GaudybyNeola or come see my in the fall at one of our studio tour shows.    And always WEAR SOME ART.
gaudybyneola on facebook
Kismet Danton verticle
Butterfly Danton verticle

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