Day 283: Zinnia Sky Studio (Tracy Foltz)

Located in the amazing and beautiful desert on the western edge of Tucson, AZ, I am a transplanted Midwesterner totally and deeply in love with the Sonoran desert.  I have always created art but my husband and I restructured our lives so that art can now create our lives.  I love fun, bright, happy, whimsical things and I believe my desert subjects benefit from my interpretation of them.  I work primarily in watercolor but in vivid saturation perfectly complemented by black ink to further release the colors.

I am also a hopelessly addicted gardener so along with giraffes, lizards and birds of all sorts, you will find an abundance of green things regardless of where they like to plant their roots, whether it be the desert or that fertile black dirt from where I originated.

I love sharing my art with anyone looking for a smile to brighten a corner of their world.



Instagram:     @ZinniaSkyStudio

prickly pear yellow flowers
Prickly Pear Yellow Flowers
ocotillo quail 1
Ocotillo Quail 1
desert flowers 1
Desert Flowers


bicycle lizard driving
Bicycle Lizard Driving


succulent medley (1)
Succlent Medley

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