Day 281: Dale O’Dell

Dale O’Dell is a photographer, cinematographer & digital artist who has been working professionally since 1979.  “Over the years I’ve worked in about every style there is including documentary photography, commercial industrial photography, advertising, surrealism, abstract-expressionism and impressionism.  I was an early adopter of digital technology for image-making and created the very first wholly computer generated still image ever published in advertising in 1983.  For now, things have come full-circle and I’m working on documentary photography project to preserve ancient Indian rock art in North America.  I’ve even begun a GoFundMe campaign to travel to the most endangered sites in America to document 2000 year-old petroglyphs and pictographs before the sites are made inaccessible by deregulated mining and natural gas extraction.” Mile Canyon the Hunt Panel


Sego Canyon Panel_Color

ART_Sego Canyon Pictograph

ART_Sego Canyon Pictograph_2

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