Day 279: Keith Lynard

As an artist and creator, I like a variety of mediums and categories of art. I really enjoy exploring and creating many things. So you may see some K.U.T. pop art style pieces, graffiti, political pieces, and some abstracts. I also enjoy photography so those are in my collections as well. I’m currently planning for my second solo art show. This show will be a rebirth of a fresh new start and collection of art that will become my signature from that point forward. Right now I’m submitting my short documentary to film festivals. It’s titled “The Stolen Art Show Documentary” based on my 1st solo art show. Film would be my other form of art as I do consider myself a filmmaker of sorts and use the medium as art.

Instagram: k_u_t_productionz

dscn2694 (1)
Joker Did It

20150330_073338 (1)

dsc09922 (1)


Write Universe
Peace Patrol




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