Day 277: Marcia Droz

A story about why I create art.

I grew up on a farm fifth of six children. My folks were loud, my older siblings loud and dramatic. I, therefore, went quiet. I was so quiet they left me places we’d drive to visit- and have to return. Since I was a child then, I loved the quiet of the country, nature and animals.

Later my mother had me draw cards for people and called me a little artist. I felt compelled to express myself in little drawings to friends.

When we moved later in my high school years I was very doted on by my art teacher. She showed me a drawing of mountains made of layers of soft pencil. I cried. She suggested I attend Saturdays at the Corcoran Art Insititute downtown, Washington DC. I did go and learned about artists and drawing. Later in college at the University of Arizona my influence was the following teachers: Bailey Doogan, Alfred Quiroz, and Barbara Penn.

I now reside in Phoenix Arizona where I teach and do my art. Going to work, I draw people on the train because it pleases me to learn a character by observation from a distance.
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