Day 275: Diane Ferguson

Whether they’re purchasing their first piece of Diana Ferguson Jewelry or their twentieth, Diana’s wish is that her customers will always experience the joys of wearing distinctive adornments that look and feel great. That express their individuality. That let them fall in love with their style all over again.

 Diana founded Diana Ferguson Jewelry as an outlet for her creativity after many years in the business world, but also to tell the story of her love for fashion. She sees her jewelry designs as more than art, they’re mini wardrobe wonders. Fun. Modern. Eclectic. Feminine. Versatile. Beautiful yet practical, “toss in your suitcase and go” expressions of life lived with curiosity and a sense of adventure. And as light as air; because Diana doesn’t believe in a woman being weighed down by her style!

 Craftsmanship and innovation are at the heart of every piece of Diana Ferguson Jewelry. Her collections include the paper-based Petals to the Metal™, the couture beadery of Adorn™, and one of a kind mixed media statement pieces.

Social media handle: @DianaFergusonJA (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)







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