Day 272: Stephanie Peters

In my art, I use mixed media methods to reveal the unexpected with shapes, textures, and colors. Using a diverse range of techniques and materials, I bring imagination, energy, theory, and love into form.
My inspiration comes from my encounters with wildlife and my relationship to the shifting future through science (climate change, natural cataclysms, etc.) and ideas (religion, politics, opinions, etc.)  I am interested in illustrating how society reacts and connects with the ever-changing planet, through nature or nurture perspective. The result creates a visual conversation that invites the viewer’s attention inward.
Recently though, I have been working more with pastels to create colorful urban wildlife portraits that share my joy and enthusiasm for my chosen subjects. I hope they bring one closer to appreciating and enjoying the animals we share our lives with.
Encouraged by the natural world around me, my art is bold, colorful, fearless but approachable and seeks to encourage one to fall back in love with nature and in all its forms – from Natural Disasters to urban wildlife and creatures over loved or overlooked.
1. Fire
Fire, Acrylic on Canvas
2. The Great Hare
The Great Hare, Pastel on Paper
4. Watchful
Watchful, Colored pencil on Paper
5. Warm Summer Sun
Warm Summer Sun, Watercolor/Ink on Paper
6. Lift Off
Lift Off, Acrylic on Canvas
My Feet, Pastel on Paper

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