Day 270: Zybrena Crawford Porter

I’ve been in love with the arts my entire life. Visual, performing, creative writing all possess and communicate a freedom to be ME! The caviat, however, is that I am always (but subtlety) changing. In my pieces, I try to communicate the value and beauty of change. Every day that I live on earth is an opportunity to slowly evolve or radically transform based on what I’ve learned. The most radical opportunities are those in which a dream or purpose is fully realized. That is the moment I aim to capture on the canvas. My primary mediums are charcoal, inks, acrylic and oil paint on both paper and canvas.

Instagram: @zybrena

Facebook: Zybrena Crawford Porter

Transition (Part 2)
Transition (Part 1)
Stories Connected (Part 2)
I Hope You Dance

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