Day 269: Dru Hill

Painting is a form of expression that fills my soul as it flows from my head and hands. Seeing the color and shapes on the paper reflects what I’m thinking and feeling in a way that is physically and mentally satisfying for me. I strive with my work to: evoke a physical feeling, i.e. heat, cold, wind, warmth, excitement, quietude, expanse; connect to an emotion that reminds me of an experience; give the viewer something to ponder; be honest in how I represent feelings and ideas, not relying on redundant symbols or visual solutions to tell my story. And like the singer, musician, or writer I look for opportunities to share what I create in hopes that the viewer is touched with a deeper understanding of the world.

My most recent works focus on a quintessential aspect of Arizona life and history: Cowboys and Rodeo. I have been most interested in capturing gesture. I use line to project action and color to set a mood. The style is more of a contemporary style than I have used preciously and I feel that the resulting paintings reflect the joy I get from this subject matter.

Dru Hill Fine Art:

Instagram: drupaints

Artist contact:

Cat On A Fence 300dpi
Cat on a Fence
Chica en un Sombrero 300 dpi
Chica en un Sombero
Fired Up 300dpi
Fired Up
Hot Damn 300dpi
Hot Damn
The Roper 300dpi
The Roper

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