Day 268: Jason Marshall

Artist Statement


Texture- Line- Pigment
I am a self-taught artist that has always loved drawing and as a child of the 80’s comic books were a staple of our youth.
I had abandoned my passion for art as “real life” began to flood my life in the following 20 years.
I painted and drew sparingly upon my children’s request or when other artists needed works to fill their shows; this maybe occurred on one or two occasions during this time frame. I continued doodling, scribbling, and writing as an outlet to escape everyday’s monotonous rhythm.
What changed everything was the 2012 exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that I attended while visiting family in the area. This was the cause for the euphoric shift in my life that allowed for “love” to set in with art.
The works of art that continued to reverberate in my psyche from that show were Gauguin’s “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon…,Picasso’s “La Demoiselle D’avignon”, Henri Rousseau’s “The Dream”, and Mattise’s “The Joy of Life”.
Seeing the sheer size of the canvases, the color palettes used, the brush strokes and the ambiance that emanated throughout the room from the wall they were displayed on qualified as a life-changing event.
From that moment on I began drawing, writing, painting, reading, and collecting art books. A lot of the first works were god-awful and wretched. Most of the earlier works were painted over or destroyed in a violent fit of frustration. As the works that susequently followed began to mount up, the want and need to share them with others has mounted.
Instagram @jasonmarshallart
Blues at Slugs, Oil on Canvas
La Nonna Celestina (Grandmother Celestina) Oil on Canvas


“Incongruity” Oil on Canvas


“Giovanni’s Salute” Watercolor/Pencil on Paper
Blind Ignorance, Oil on Canvas


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