Day 267: Hallie Mueller


Hallie Mueller

As a painter, I aim to present new landscapes by layering and reconfiguring visual elements that already exist. Alpine Granite and Desert Twigs, for example, emphasizes the intricate delicacy of brittle wood branches found in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, against the backdrop of seemingly permanent and grandiose spires of rock that exist in Bugaboo State Park, Canada. My work comes from a place of concern that we as a screen-obsessed culture have become desensitized to the visceral complexity of alpine, coastal and desert environments given easy access to beautiful—though often cliche— photographs of these places. Subtle but strange juxtapositions of small against big or warm against cool can perhaps reinvigorate our sensory appreciation for the intricacies of the natural world.

Mineral Deposit and Purple Heart
fullsizeoutput_b1e (1)
Desert Grass and Tree Trunk,


fullsizeoutput_907 (1)
Alpine Granite and Desert Twigs
Adirondack Vista and Trailview

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