Day 262: Lori Gilberto

I create bead mosaics on canvas by gluing beads over a picture I’ve painted on canvas or a wooden plaque.  I was lucky enough to join our local art association and have access to fabulous artists of all different mediums (and their feedback) and through much practice and constant pursuit of my art, I now show in two local galleries and have entered in a few art shows. I started out simply using thousands of seed beads but I don’t use just beads anymore. People like to contribute to my art, giving me their broken jewelry or stones, buttons, charms and so on. It’s so much fun to create an entire piece just so I could use a broken zipper as a train track or so I could use some jewelry mesh as screens. – Lori Giliberto, Cochise County

Hummingbird and Bluebells
Coyote in Snow
Sonoran Flight
San Pedro House
Mr. Fanciful

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