Day 260: Mishy Katz

Ever since I can remember, I have felt drawn to create art and music. I was always supported and encouraged by those around me to pursue the path of artist and musician. I sang and took piano lessons from a very young age and I can vividly recall being so excited to receive a book _Drawing All Animals_ and a sketchbook around age 10.

Life has been a wonderful road of learning about art, music and people, I enjoy taking classes and workshops in various creative disciplines. I have a very busy teaching pottery studio I operate where I build sculpture and pottery of clay, often with musical, nature and creature themes. I also play guitar, piano and ukulele, for fun and sanity, and in 2015 have begun to write songs steadily. Alongside my visual work I now have a rich body of original songs, folk-pop music with thoughtful lyrics and compelling melodies.

My inspiration has always been nature, animals, and human interaction, I try to take all the various threads of my life and weave them together into my own unique blanket.


18835773_10211278068140530_4066309833871486494_n (1) (1)


dragon wall


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