Day 248: Hannah Leonard

Ever since I was little, I remember loving art.

I was the toddler that colored the walls,

the kid that sketched on lawn chairs,

a teenager that doodles on napkins.

When I was a kid my dad had painted a wall in the corner of our playroom with paint so that it would be like a chalkboard. We played games on it and doodled on it in different colors quite often. I remember coming home from school one day to this massive landscape covering almost the whole thing. Reds, oranges, browns, yellows… A sunset over mountains with various plants and cacti dotting the horizon. My dad had created something beautiful & I was in such awe. I wanted to create pretty pictures like my dad did.

The older I got the more I fell in love with art. All forms of art from music, to theatre, to photography, to writing, to painting… It all just overwhelms me in the most wonderful way.

I draw closer to my Saviour and Creator through these various forms of art… of worship.

Our wonderful God created the universe, the earth, me and you.

He created us in HIS IMAGE.

God’s an artist, & so are we.

As I continue to strive and thrive in this area, feel free to follow my journey. I have been taking various classes at Milan Art Institute in Queen Creek, picking up tips and tricks from some amazing artist friends, and spending 6-8 hours a week in my own little studio at home.

Check out my Instagram at & like my Facebook page “Hannah Leonard Art”.

I have pieces posted for sale on both of these profiles and can work with you regarding prints, commissions, etc…

Feel free to email me with questions or comments at


Peaceful Yearning, Oil on canvas, 16X12



Pushing Onward, Mixed Media, 20X16 canvas



Blind Faith, Mixed Media, 14X11




Painting at home studio



Painting at Milan Institute in Queen Creek


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