Day 247: Tianne Pitz

My earliest memory of writing was age 6. I wrote a letter to my imaginary friend, I guess I thought that talking to them would not work. My life experiences and multiple traumas led me to writing frequently and with great fervor. My life now is a stable balance and I am influenced not only by my life but by our people and the planet. Even though my writing can sway towards the melancholy, it is not devoid of light.

Presently, I have began to focus more of my energies into the positive and to be full of love and light. My hopes are that my prose and my art move someone to feel comfort, to feel uplifted, to feel inspired. I want to reach as many people as I can. I write poetry, prose, short stories, a blog and I create art. My art is based on nature and my surroundings. I am influenced by emotions, colors, sounds and touch. I love to handwrite my prose instead of typing, it makes is feel more organic to me.

I have released 3 Zines that are currently housed within the lovely walls of The Wasted Ink Zine Distro. I love to participate in intimate open mic venues and I have read my poetry on air with a local radio station. I am moving forward to broaden my horizons and take on more exciting adventures in writing to see where else it may lead. This experience has shown me that anything is possible if we begin to believe in ourselves and stay consistent. and

Instagram @tiannepitz -Lucky Ti

Starry Night
Photographic Prose Adventures


Loves Power

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