Day 238: Nicole McCaiug



A native to Arizona, I live in Chandler with my husband and two children. I’m a professional artist working in a light filled studio that overlooks the backyard. Nature provides peace for my soul and joy for my heart. I spend many daydreaming moments watching the birds or seeing how the light falls.

My work expresses freedom and self-discovery and is based around those early memories of summers exploring the beauty of the outdoor world. I create mostly figurative art, with the subjects in nature and usually with a bird. The images are dreamy, almost surreal with pattern and vivid colors. I find peace while creating and viewing my art. It takes me to another place; it sets me free to dream.

 Artist Statement

I create art that transports me to an ideal outdoor setting where patterns and colors swirl and mix with the subject matter to create a place of wonder and joy that takes me from the reality of the world around me to a place of freedom. My creative process organically evolves through the selection of images and patterns that call out to me. Many of these images are connected to the places I explored as a child, from the forests and meadows of Northern Arizona to the beaches of the California coast.

In my most recent artwork, I am attempting to create a representation of culture through the use of color, pattern, architectural elements and fashion. Culture is a fascination of mine and I plan to travel to many areas around the world in the attempt to absorb the essence of the area and the people that I can later weave into a visual representation. My first oversees excursion was last summer. I participated in an Artist in Residency, Greece,2017. I’m making plans to visit Ireland and Germany, July 2018

Since 2012, I’ve participated in three types of venues, 1) outdoor tent shows in the Mesa and Chandler~art walks, 2) indoor shows at the Phoenix Comic Convention, Tucson Comic Convention, and several smaller conventions throughout Arizona, and 3) inside a bank.

I started selling my work right after college to parents of students that I taught art to.  Since then, I’ve sold in galleries, online, and in person at a variety of indoor and outdoor events. I’ve been working with private collectors since graduating from the Milan Art Institute, August 2017. This fall I’ll be a host on the Prescott Artist Studio Tour and a guest on the Hidden In The Hills Artist Studio Tour in Scottsdale.

Nicole McCaigue … set free to dream …












Early Rise
Early Rise





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