Day 234: Mary Theresa Dietz

The Art of Mary Theresa Dietz

Mary Theresa Dietz paints mostly with oil sticks (oil paint in solid form), but she also does encaustic painting, cold wax painting, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Her subjects are mainly animals, but she does figures, portraiture, and just about anything else including the occasional abstract. Sometimes she likes to combine different types of animals and animals with humans. Her influences include folk art, pre-Columbian, ancient Egyptian, and ancient European art, German expressionism, the Fauves, animals and the natural world, and her subconscious.

Her art is her obsession – her reason for living. She uses subject, form, texture, and color to create objects that are more than the materials that make them. They communicate feelings and emotions that can’t be explained in words. Her work is all about aesthetics, and her aim is not to make statements, social comments, or illustration, rather she strives to arrest the viewer with a visual feast.

Dietz is noted for her animal imagery and use of color. Her work is in numerous national and international private collections and public collections including Tucson Public Library and Ronald MacDonald House. She teaches classes and workshops in her studio, and at Womankraft school of the Arts in Tucson.

Mary Theresa Dietz Theresa Dietz 


A Wild Hare, 2017
enamel on aluminum



The Lion (Asiatic Lion), 2016
oil on canvas


Dance of the Flowers, 2017
encaustic and oil over Skratch over styrofoam, newspaper, wire, cord, beads




Black Cat Reunion, 2015
encaustic and oil over Skratch bas-relief with cat whiskers over wood


Felandia, 2018
oil on canvas





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